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"It's no longer hip to be square"

I AM the incarnate Goddess Athena. Time is ending and New Earth IS emerging; don't miss it! Visit my spiritual website @

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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

Unique, shaped decorative ceramic tiles, custom hand made, shaped ceramic tile mosaics for unlimited possibilities, all made in the usa

My website is BEST VIEWED ON A COMPUTER; not a small smartphone.

Tiles with Style is a decorative ceramic tile studio that is owned and operated solely by master tile artist, Diane H. Holycross. Diane specializes in custom hand made / handmade, shaped, mosaic, decorative tiles. She is very well known for her quality craftsmanship, elegant designs, and fully custom colorations. And yet, her tiles are much more than just decorative ceramic tile — Diane's purpose is to create a unique work of art, ornament, and architecture in your ceramic tile mosaic border, kitchen backsplash mosaic, tile countertops, ceramic floor mosaic tiles, fireplace mosaic tile designs, bathroom ceramic tile surrounds, and custom hand made tiles. Her ceramic tile design ideas are endless!

For LOOSE, handmade, decorative, shower safe tiles that are ready for immediate shipment, click the links in the GREEN RIGHT column.

Check out this absolutely lovely sliced pebble stone, pool, koi lily pond tiles installation. It's absolutely gorgeous. Thank you, my repeat-customer Paula for the picture.sliced polished pebble stone koi pool waterfall

NOTE: these are my old-style koi and lily flowers.
They have been discontinued but replace by new designs, as one must embrace change to grow.

Creativity at it's finest. Look at this magnificent loose trout tile installation. FABULOUS!

rustic amazing rock stone pebble shower oasis

This is a spectacular application using a variety of rock / stone/ pebble material. This incredible masterpiece was created by our client Renee Harris. Every inch was thought out to perfection!

rock stone pebble lily trout fish shaped mosaic ceramic tiles

At Tiles with Style, we specialize in top-quality, handmade, decorative ceramic tile, top-view fish for your sliced pebble / polished pebble, and stone shower, bathroom, and kitchen floor installations.

This is an outstanding example of a well-designed, customer installation of a koi pond tile and stone shower floor. The use of multiple color sliced pebble and round pebbles, and glass tiles were a brilliant design choice. Joey create a water-effect and depth in the water, of this custom rock shower koi fish floor. FABULOUS job Joey C. of Toluca Lake, California You totally rock! No pun intended!!!

animal deer doe fawn mosaic ceramic tiles

What better inspiration than Mother Earth; Gaia. She is an amazing pallet of colors, shapes, and sizes. She is also love, just like this doe and fawn, animal mosaic - themed ceramic tile design.

Check out this amazing, shower ceramic tile design idea. Can you just imagine entering your house or should I say "home" each day to a short stroll across a lovely, ceramic tile, mosaic floor designed as a turtle /  lily / koi pond? Or, perhaps stepping into a tranquil, flowing ceramic mosaic tile stream to take a shower?

waterfall trout stream decorative handmade custom ceramic tile shower tiles

WOW! This is one of the most amazing ceramic tile trout shower streams that I've created. Can you imagine waking up in the morning and stepping into this custom ceramic tile shower? Sit on the shower bench amidst a flowing waterfall with ceramic tile trout / fish, lily pads, lotus flowers, and rocks. It's a simple tile design, but has a lot of punch. If you look close, you can even see the unexpected; a set of heron tracks on the water's edge.

This is another waterfall shower that was based on the trout stream, tub surround ceramic tile installation shown above. This one has less elements, only rainbow trout shaped fish tiles and lily pad mosaic ceramic tiles. The water colors are a steel blue and mossy combination; creating a very natural looking stream.

waterfall trout stream shower ceramic tile mosaic floor

Design idea: Although this rock-lined stream is comprised of handmade tiles, it could also be used in conjunction with sliced pebble stones, polished pebble tiles, micro pebble tiles, etc. This would lower cost a bit and make your next rock shower floor the talk of the town.

Click the picture for an enlargement.

Check out this awesome freshwater fish, ceramic tile mosaic, kitchen backsplash. It would look wonderful in any waterfront home; or even a houseboat kitchen as a backsplash!

lovely tranquil ceramic tiles mosaic turtle lily pond koi floor

We make our tiles the old-fashion way; by hand, not molded. Quality like this takes time, because each tile is handled about 12-15 times.

Our ceramic tile design ideas are mostly nature-based.

salmon stream cattail mosaic tile kitchen bathroom backsplash

I very much enjoy "painting" with my shaped, mosaic, handmade ceramic tiles. And I'm especially fond of the salmon stream ceramic tile backsplashes that I design. This mosaic tile design idea came from the streams behind my studio that used to run wild with salmon.

"I have created well over a 2000 different mosaic designs that can be found worldwide and as you can see from my website, that is 100's of thousands of handmade tiles."

handmade decorative mosaic shaped ceramic tile leaves

A ceramic tile design with a look and feel that will never go out of style are monochrome leaf mosaic ceramic tiles. These tile leaves are classic and elegant with an earthy, rustic look and feel. They look great with nearly any decor. Thanks to Nancy Anderson for the pictures.

Check out this ceramic tile coral reef mosaic tile shower. This mosaic ceramic tile design idea was inspired by the plentitude of sealife / sea life of the Great Barrier Reef.

ceramic tile coral reef, tropical tiles, mosaic fish tiles

If you visit our coral reef page in the left column under aquatic, nearly directly left, you can click the picture for an enlargement and see more great coral reef / tropical mosaic (shaped) ceramic tile designs. Thanks for the pictures Jane!

Another incredible recent installation is this tropical, beach, heron mosaic ceramic tile bathroom shower and bathroom sink backsplash tile installation. Thanks Barbie!

elegant neutral tone beach mosaic ceramic tile bathroom

For more great pictures of the custom ceramic tile installation, see our Showers; tropical link in the left column, or click the picture above. There is an entire page dedicated to this exquisite installation.

If you haven't heard about the Great Awakening that is happening throughout the world. I have a new book coming out called ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. When it is finished, you will be able to find it for FREE by clicking this link to my The Inter-dimensional Traveler website.

It discusses all the different types of spiritual travel we do in our "organic body suits," during what you might think as "dream-time."

The angels/gods tell me that I'm not only a master of handmade tiles, but also a master of inter-dimensional travel, day-dreams, astral projection, dream walking, and much more! My spirit guides said that I should write a book about it, because, "The whole world will read your book." Their words; not mine.

ASK, SEEK, KNOCK is now on my website in .html format, along with numerous channeled messages from my "Twin Flame" or "Divine Husband," Coeus, God of Intellect.

So if you are starting to experience some unusually vivid dreams, frightening dreams, flying out of your body, astral projecting, dream walking, experiencing deja-vu, synchronicities or coincidences, check out my book on inter-dimensional travel. It will be very enlightening.

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My inspiration for this ceramic tile design idea was our Father/Mother/God. The four elements of air, earth, water, and fire.

shaped ceramic tiles mosaic tree of life mural, the hands of god

Hands of God

Check out this handmade ceramic tile tree of life mosaic tile sink back splash / backsplash. We call it, "The Hands of God." The Japanese Maple tiles have a hand-like appearance, reaching out to all that embrace its beauty. For more pictures, please click this link.

One of artist, Diane H. Holycross' favorite designs to create are heron / marsh ceramic tile designs. There is something about the peace of a heron peacefully standing among cattail shaped tiles that brings instant peace to any room in your home. Originally my mosaic tile design idea for herons came from my departed husband, Roger's memorial design. Roger reminded me of the elegance, peacefulness, and strong nature of a heron.

heron wood duck dragonfly cattail mosaic shaped tiles heron wood duck cattail mosaic shaped ceramic tile wall panel

Beauty of the Marsh

If you look closely at the picture on the right, it appears that the heron is watching a small, red dragonfly tile that is tucked into the cattail tiles. You can see more great pictures of bird ceramic tiles under our Birds link to the left. Or click here.

heron wood duck dragonfly cattail mosaic shaped tiles

Pelicans in Flight

I know all of you are probably getting tired of me saying, "WOW!" but if the shoe fits. Just look at this beautiful beach motif ceramic tile fireplace design in San Clemente, California. Our client Cindy J. doesn't even have to go the beach, she can just gaze at her very own custom, handmade ceramic tile beach scene in her very own living space.

"I just wanted to let you know that our fireplace you designed is the center of attention. I could not be more impressed with the quality of your work and your vision. You articulated with tiles exactly what a beach in San Clemente Ca would look like. The pelicans in flight , the lobster, the egret, the sea glass, the sand dollars, it is amazing how each piece is so slightly different. a very proud owner of a Tiles with Styles fireplace." Cindy J., San Clemente, California.

Click these links to see more pictures of beach ceramic tiles and this beach scene ceramic tile fireplace.

Something new for 2013! I'm very excited about this new design I'm offering. I call it my weeping tree ceramic tile series. There are many trees that have branches that hang and this one was no exception. It lends itself perfectly to this design.

weeping tree branch shaped mosaic ceramic tile design idea

Click the picture for a close-up view of the design

WOW, what a beautiful ceramic tile bathroom floor. It is truly a very Zen-like experience to enter this room. The ceramic tile koi in this lily pond bathroom / shower floor match the gorgeous orange quartz countertop...exquisite!

ceramic tile koi bathroom floor design idea concept

This fully vitrified, decorative ceramic tile floor was definitely a labor of love. My client Sandy Harris ordered LOOSE ceramic tile koi, lily pads, lily flowers, rocks, and round tiles from Tiles with Style and integrated them with some additional manufactured tiles to create a mosaic tile masterpiece in her house. Major kudos'!

mosaic ceramic tile koi lily pond bathroom shower floor

Click this picture to seem more pictures of this incredible mosaic ceramic tile design idea inspiration!

My client Jackie C. had very specific elements she wanted for her kitchen / stovetop backsplash ceramic tile mosaic. I managed to fit them all into this lovely marsh ceramic tile mosaic and coordinated her tile (glaze) colors with her entire color pallet. Click the picture below to see more pictures.

marsh swamp ceramic tile mosaics

floor ceramic tiles

I've been asked in my own house many times, "Is it OK to walk on your floor? The answer is "YES!" They are made from earthenware and porcelain clays. Making them extremely strong and fully vitrified. Visit my FAQ's link for more info.

sunflower mosaic shaped ceramic tile rug design

For more sunflower ceramic tile ideas. Click this link or the link in the left column.

ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, inter-dimensional travel strange dreams nightmaresPlease take time to read my FREE book called, ASK, SEEK, KNOCK.

It talks about the different types of spiritual travel we do out of our "organic body suits," during what you might think as "dream-time."

The angels and/or "Gods," tell me that I'm not only a master of handmade tiles, but also a master of inter-dimensional travel, day-dreams, astral projection, dream walking, and much more! They asked me a number of years ago to keep a journal of my "adventures," and write a book about it, because, "The whole world will read your book." Their words; not mine.

Why you might ask? You be the judge after reading my book AND the channeled messages from Coeus, God of Intellect, who is my "divine compliment," or what some refer to as a "twin flame."

So, if you are starting to experience some unusually vivid dreams, frightening dreams, flying out of your body, astral projecting, dream walking, experiencing deja-vu, synchronicities or coincidences, during the time of this "Great Awakening," please check out my book on inter-dimensional travel. It will be very enlightening.

The Inter-dimensional Traveler  website can be accessed by conveniently clicking this link.

Just look at this lovely ceramic tile leaf rug floor design. My client Stacy S. from Traverse City, Michigan, created this incredible ceramic tile foyer / entry rug floor design with a few square feet of leaf tiles and some manufactured ceramic tiles.

custom ceramic tile leaf rug

When I first opened Stacy's email attachment with the picture of her new leaf ceramic tile mosaic rug, I actually thought it was a woven rug. Then duh, I realized it was a picture of the ceramic tile leaves that I sent to her for her loose, shaped-leaf / mosaic leaf tile order. I must be working too many hours in the studio. :)

If you look closely you can see the leaf ceramic tile colors blend perfectly with Stacy's manufactured tiles, making this a truly customized ceramic tile installation. I accomplished this because Stacy visited my Ordering link in the right column. It explained EXACTLY what I needed to create the rug ceramic tile design she required for her foyer floor.

ceramic tile leaf rug design

Now you can bring the outdoors, in, and create the room of your dreams with custom handmade shaped decorative ceramic tile mosaics by Diane H. Holycross of Tiles with Style. Contact me to order your custom ceramic tile mosaic today!

staircase / stair riser ceramic tiles

Remember, click our Ordering link in the right-hand column for details on how to get that truly custom look in your next ceramic tile installation, just like Carol L. of Texas did with this 100% custom ceramic tile flower / flowered staircase / stairway / risers.

100% customer ceramic tile staircase, risers

And if want a specific color grout, and can't find it anywhere, see my FAQ's link.

ALL of my designs are 100% customized ceramic tiles....they can virtually be used ANYWHERE...your kitchen ceramic tile backsplashes, bathroom border tiles, shower floor ceramic tiles, fireplace ceramic tiles, hearth ceramic tiles, and stair risers / staircase tiles, for  commercial and residential ceramic tiles.

ceramic tile mermaid mosaic tiles

Isn't this brunette mermaid ceramic tile just lovely. You can even have her breasts discretely hidden by a passing tropical fish, or have her in the's totally up to your discretion. Check out my Mermaid and Tropical pages for great ceramic tile tropical mosaics for your next tropical bathroom ceramic tile backsplash, kitchen tropical back splash, or an outdoor kitchen tiled backsplash!

outdoor ceramic tiles, frost free tiles, tropical fish tiles

shower ceramic tiles

Swim into adventure with my ceramic tile turtle ponds, ceramic tile trout, ceramic tile tropical fish, ceramic tile salt water fish, ceramic tile trout, salmon tile, or ceramic tile fresh water fish. My ceramic tiles are handmade and hand painted and perfect for your next indoor shower floor ceramic tile or outdoor shower tile installation.

outdoor turtle lotus lily pond mosaic shaped tile shower floor

This beautiful outdoor ceramic tile turtle / lily pond shower is the gem of the neighborhood. Bring the bounty of our beautiful Father/Mother/God's beauty into your next ceramic tile installation with hand made, fully vitrified ceramic tile shower. You won't be sorry you did!

And don't forget about your next dog shower ceramic tiles. Our dog biscuit tiles and dog paw / track tiles are "petacular!"

dog bone biscuit mosaic shaped tile shower walls and floor

Designed by Teton Tile and Design, Jackson, WY

kitchen backsplash ceramic tiles

Check out these two beautiful kitchen tile backsplashes (studio layout.) The first is a stove area bass tile and bull rush / cattail tile backsplash / back splash. For more pictures, see my bass link.

freshwater fish bass in reeds mosaic ceramic tile kitchen back splash

The b>kitchen ceramic tile backsplash pictures below, feature blue gill fish ceramic tiles, a turtle tile, and crawfish tile. This freshwater fish tile design is a sink backsplash for a kitchen. More pictures can be seen under my blue gill link

pumpkin blue gill fresh water fish and turtle mosaic shaped ceramic tile backsplash

Most of my tiles need to be seen up close, or in person to see the beautiful colors and textures, just like one of these b>bluegill fish ceramic tiles.

blue gill ceramic tile fish

Even the smallest critter needs detail. Just like this crawfish shaped ceramic tile. ALL of my tiles are shaped ceramic tiles, NOT designs painted on square tiles.

crayfish shaped mosaic tile

outdoor ceramic tiles

As stated before, all of my decorative, handmade mosaic tiles can virtually be used anywhere. Just look at these two unique outdoor ceramic tile koi ponds.

mosaic ceramic tile fountain with koi fish lily pad lotus flower waterfall

All of my handmade decorative ceramic tile designs are uniquely designed to each client. I NEVER duplicate any mosaic tile design, so please don't ask! This is functional art, not manufactured tiles. The ceramic tile fountain above features my standard koi ceramic tiles.

Remember, I do ship internationally too! This ceramic tile lily pond fountain is located in the United Kingdom (UK).

koi lily pad marsh marigold fountain ceramic tiles

When designing outdoor ceramic tile fountains, I like to use wavy water tiles behind the waterfall area in a vertical configuration. This makes the koi ceramic tiles appear to be falling out of a waterfall down into the pond. The koi ceramic tiles used in this ceramic tile fountain are my fancy tail ceramic tile koi fish.

I have a large waterfall planned for an outdoor kitchen ceramic tile design that will go on the Tiles with Style deck that protrudes off the front of my studio. It will feature 3D tiles.

This kitchen ceramic tile, autumn leaf backsplash is located in Japan.

leaf shaped mosaic tile leaves rustic autumn colors

My Japanese client, Kenneth Ishikawa also purchased a koi pond tile border for his bathroom.

lily pond mosaic ceramic tile bathroom border

shower mosaic ceramic tiles

At Tiles with Style I make 100% customizable decorative handmade, shaped ceramic tile mosaics. I pride myself on creative collaboration with clients, architects, designers, and contractors.

I take great care during the design process to assure that your designs are never duplicated so that you can be sure that your decorative ceramic tile artwork is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

We can create nearly any floral ceramic tiles. Below is a hibiscus ceramic tile design with ceramic tile flamingos. See my Flowers and Flamingo pages for more pictures.

flamingo bird hibiscus flower bathroom mosaic ceramic tile backsplash

Each hand made shaped tile is painstakingly crafted using white, red, tan, cream, or marbled medium-fire earthenware and porcelain clays, with bits of nature as their theme. All ceramic tiles are FULLY vitrified to last for generations to come!

koi turtle lily pond rock border mosaic ceramic tiles

Above is a 100% custom, shaped, ceramic tile mosaic lily pond shower floor tile design. What a great way to start off your day. A peaceful oasis at your very feet. You'll never want to leave your shower!

Note: If you have neuropathy in your feet, my showers aren't for you. If you don't, they have a fantastic massaging feeling!

This is a matching double-sink area turtle pond ceramic tile floor (studio layout...not grouted). There is also a commode area just outside the shower.

turtle pond mosaic shaped ceramic tiles

Click the picture above for an enlargement.

As you can see from the two pictures above, my work really comes to life when grouted.

"Oh, my God! I feel like the reveal moment on one of those HGTV programs. You have really created something beautiful! I can't wait to install them and send you the finished results." S. McGill, Delray Beach, FL

monochrome ceramic tiles

You can have ANY combination of mosaic tiles in my ceramic tile designs. That means if you want a frog ceramic tile in your leaf tile kitchen backsplash mosaic tile design, it's yours!

leaf tile back splash

A tiny bit of color airbrushed on some of the larger leaf mosaic tiles adds just enough color to coordinate with the clients field / stone tile. The picture below shows a loose tile order. The client did a wonderful job, tightly spacing her tile leaves together. She added a border using her metallic brown accent border tiles around the mosaic ceramic tile leaves and a few individual pieces in it. This greatly helped pull her countertop and border seamlessly into her kitchen backsplash design.

timeless neutral elegant leaf mosaic tile kitchen backsplash

This monochrome, leaf shaped ceramic tile mosaic is a lovely, timeless kitchen backsplash. You can see more of these beautiful creation by clicking the Leaves link in the Table of Contents (TOC) to the left and the listings beneath it.

"There is something special in bringing the outdoors inside your home. I find myself frequently visiting the rooms in my own house where my tiles are installed. They provide me with a peaceful, spiritual experience."

commercial ceramic tiles

lily pond, koi pond mosaic shaped ceramic tile kiosk floor trout stream mosaic ceramic tile design floor idea

Two large, 177 SF, commercial, decorative ceramic tile installations are shown above for the Seneca Nation in Western NY State. Each is quite different. The first pond is a ceramic tile lily pond, the second a ceramic tile trout stream. You can see more pictures of these installation by clicking the pictures above.

This unique tree of life ceramic tile mosaic consists of a white oak tree. Two different clay bases were used to obtain variation in color for the oak leaf tiles. The client want turquoise for the background. Owner/artist Diane H. Holycross of Tiles with Style, established in 1999, suggested that the client use a turquoise ceramic tile grout to de-emphasis the background and make the tree and rock tiles pop.

turquoise and tan mosaic shaped ceramic tile tree of life spiritual design

ALL of my shaped - ceramic tiles are hand-rolled and hand-glazed, so that no hand made tile has the appearance of being manufactured. Constant attention to detail is placed on design, quality, as well as studio layout, for a completely  planned, professional installation. Your best installation is achieved having us layout your masterpiece in the studio using mosaic tile tape / film.

With dog biscuit / bone ceramic tiles, dog paw / track ceramic tiles, and fire hydrant - shaped ceramic tiles you can create a special effect in your kennel, veterinary clinic, dog shower room, or animal shelter, just like the McKamey Animal Center in Chatanooga, Tennessee did for their recent renovation.


dog bone ceramic tiles, dog bone tiles, dog biscuit ceramic tiles, dog biscuit tiles, shaped dog bone tiles, shaped dog bone ceramic tiles, shaped dog biscuit ceramic tiles, shaped dog biscuit tiles

The McKamey Animal Center in Chatanooga, Tennessee. Designing Spaces January 24th @ 7:30, The Lifetime Channel (TLC)

I have the expertise to serve as your consultant / designer / artisan in all phases of ceramic tile work. Because I have a decorative ceramic tile studio, each job is completed on an individual basis and provides the ultimate flexibility in final color and design.


Because of the volume of orders that I receive, I am NOT open to the public and DO NOT have a storefront...sorry! I need to spend all of my time processing and creating your handmade ceramic tiles.


"I spent a long time looking for the right tile for my bathroom remodel. When I finally found Tiles with Style, I not only got my fantasy bathroom come true, but every man who sees it wants to take a bath with my mermaid!" K. McCourt, Laguna Beach, CA

Don't let the ceramic tile industry dictate your yearly ceramic tile color scheme. Get some unique hand made ceramic tiles from Tiles with Style of New Tazewell, Tennessee (TN) and make your next ceramic tile project truly spectacular!

"I've done a lot of tile work in my house and was tired of the same-old-same-old ceramic tile designs that I saw in showrooms. Then I found Tiles with Style on the Web! Since Diane creates custom ceramic tiles, she could design anything I could dream up in ceramic tile!" Tamara Kenney, Dayton, Ohio

The picture below shows shaped, ceramic tile leaves / leaf tiles that are used in mosaic tile installations. We have about 60 varieties of leaves to make beautiful shaped leaf tiles at the Tiles with Style studio. 

handmade handcut decorative mosaic shaped tile leaves

Some people call my tile, theme tile, organic tile, nature tiles, or mosaic ceramic tile...I call it beautiful, shaped-ceramic tiles. Just look at that detail!

Pricing is in the right column...


MY tiles are shaped tiles NOT shapes painted on square tiles!



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I DO NOT STOCK tiles!!! Everything is a custom order.

My ceramic tiles are 100% handmade in the USA. Even my materials are ALL from the USA.

 2012 Best of Business Award

If you would like to place an order at that time, click the email me links in the right column. There are instructions, as to what information I need, to get from you, to process your order, and for you to pay.

Most tiles ship the same day as payment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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If you do not hear back from me by the end of the day; PLEASE CALL. We are trying to reply back promptly.


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