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"It's no longer hip to be square!"
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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

about the artist

Decorative ceramic tiles, custom hand made shaped tiles for unlimited possibilities are created here in beautiful New Tazewell, Tennessee at the Tiles with Style studio.

All handmade ceramic tiles are made in the usa

Founder—Diane H. Holycross, Master Tile Artist of Tiles with Style, New Tazewell, Tennessee — Established in 1999

Diane H Holycross with her 2007 Rescue Green,
Jeep Wrangler JK conversion February, 2018

Welcome to my tile studio!

I like to break the "about us" into three sections; about me; "the spirit" part and me, "the soul" aspect of me, and "the physical" part of me; the vessel. They are three entirely different things.


This is the MOST important aspect of "Diane." I work exclusively for our Father/Mother God. His/her beauty abounds and is a major inspiration to me. He/she is everywhere, including in me. His/her loving gratitude is unsurpassed; as is mine for Him.

Father isn't my only guiding light, so to speak. I have the gift of inter-dimensional travel and being a psychic medium. Sounds crazy, does it not? Yes, I'm sorry to inform you that we are "spirit" having a "physical" experience.

I am SPIRIT! If we can remember this, we will all find our divine purpose. We will be on our path that Father and you decided upon prior to incarnating into the vessel; the body. Once you get on the flowing river of love and "living from spirit," not the "body," all is possible. Father's gifts are in full abundance.

1 Corinthians 12:8-10

8 For to one is given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and to another the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit, 9 to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit, 10 to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another the ability to distinguish between spirits, to another various kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues.

I have to say, that I AM blessed to have ALL these gifts; truly. I think that my favorite is the last one; the ability to distinguish between spirits. I not only can hear, see, and feel them; but I "travel" inter-dimensionally to them by attuning with their energies.

On December 7th 2017, I thought that I would get back into channeling messages from the light realms. I like to talk to the Archangels and my "guardian angel." I discovered that "Ed" my guardian angel; "Exclusively Diane's" was actually Coeus; God of Intellect; one of the 12 Primordial Titan "Gods." You know, one of the "12 Apostles" of Greek Mythology. He is also known as Emmanuel / Immanuel

Emmanuel has told me the "truths" of The Holy Father, and has told me my real name; the one from the Book of Revelation;

Revelation 2:17
17He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone that no one knows except the one who receives it."

During this fabulous inter-dimensional experience; out and in my body, Emmanuel and CHRISTed Over Soul; Athena have told me many mysteries. For one, Emmanuel is the CHRIST; THE Higher Christ Self, and the one that Jesus talked about, and how you had to go through Him to get to the Father.

John 14:6
6Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

When Coeus / Emmanuel, presented me with the little white stone and told me my name, I was floored. However, friends and family agree; I am she.

This is an excerpt from the message after he told me my name. "You are here to shine forth love and reign over humanity. You’re brightness, purity, and self-worth to all; your displays of art, filled with kindness, love and purity are much needed in today’s society. For there is much truth in what you do that is unseen to the human eye."

You are probably wondering about, "You are here to shine forth love and reign over humanity." If you read ALL of his channeled messages, perhaps you'll know His truths in this statement.

I have already been JUDGED on the Super Blue Blood Moon of January 31, 1018; I received my Judgment, and I have begun the ascension process. They want me to document it here on my business website, because of the high traffic numbers. Later people will SEEK out my spiritual website, when they are looking for the truths during the times to come; which will be unpleasant.

I want you to know that spirit is EVERYWHERE, if you silence your mind in meditation and listen a little closer; through your sacred heart space. There you will find the answers to your prayers and solace in knowing the truths, for that is where they exist; not in your head.

Prayer is the ASKing and meditation is the LISTENing; or RECEIVing.

I agree 100% with Emmanuel's messages. For "Love, purity, and honesty wins hands down, for these are the truths brought forth."

In 2017, I was working with several of the feminine Ascended Masters to further raise the New Earth frequencies, so that "The meek shall inherit the earth." The meek ARE women and children. Predominantly the "feminine CHRISTed energies" that were taken from us so long ago, when the "CHRISTed Kingdom" fell into an abyss of forgetfulness, due to bad free-will choices.

Psalm 37:10-11

10A little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look for them, they will not be found. 11But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity.

divine mother maryDuring the 2017 solar eclipse, most people were too busy watching the moon and the sun. I was looking at the clouds and I'm grateful that I did. I saw a couple of my spirit friends: Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. Take a look at these pictures, I'm sure with the Photoshop pictures that are beneath sylph cloud, you'll see them as well.

This is Mother Mary. She came in quite strong. Notice the rays shining down upon her. She is usually depicted this way in most Byzantine paintings.

Mother Mary sylph clouds

Kwan Yin, Quan Yin, mother mary of the eastMother Mary is the Ascended Master who assists in opening your Sacred Heart. You probably know her as Jesus Mother; the "Mother of Mothers."

Below is Kuan Yin (Quan Yin). She is the "Mother Mary of the East." She embodies the God qualities of mercy, forgiveness and compassion. When working with Quan Yin, she assists us in bringing us the qualities of divine love and compassion.

Kwan Yin Quan Yin sylph cloud


Your soul is basically a part of your personality. It's part of your CHRISTed Oversoul that incarnated for this physical experience; to "play the game." Part of the game is to reconnect your own CHRISTed Oversoul through prayer and meditation, AND with THE Higher Christ Self; Emmanuel, and ultimately The Holy Father through Him, as "He" is your "guiding light."

In one of my messages, I was talking with The Holy Father. He was telling me how much he not only loved me; but ALL OF YOU. Then he said, "I'll leave a light on for you!" I love how he can be so "light-hearted."

Each artist has their own unique look and feel to their work. Their "soul" personality generally comes out in their creativity. Emmanuel has told me that I am "an exact duplicate" of my Oversoul, the Goddess Athena. He wouldn't change a thing about me. He's so sweet.

I think most of you will agree that my artistic style is peaceful and tranquil. That is because I'm an unconditionally loving person. I'm a caregiver that has mainly lived a life of service to other; not one of self-service. I adore animals, love nature, gardening, and all things where "The Father/Mother" resides.


I'm 59, 5'11" with lovely blue eyes. To be honest, at 59+ years old, I've never felt better. I contribute this to my lifestyle of living as "spirit having a physical experience." I take care of my physical, organic body suit, as if it were a cherished friend, and talk about it on my WordPress blog.

I was a full-time caregiver and artist for 10 years, consecutively; 2006-2015. First, my husband Roger, then my Mom, and finally my Dad; all cared for at home, with little to no assistance. It was a rough 10 years, working 100+ hour work weeks, but through love and faith, I survived it.

After my Dad's crossing over in November 2015, I moved to beautiful Tennessee. We need to take care of those we love, because only love is real.

widebody houseboat norris lake diane h holycross

My houseboat in Tennessee

My significant other; Chris, joined me in the fall of 2016 in Tennessee. I like to think that we have the perfect relationship. We are both very independent and secure in our relationship. This allows us both the time we need apart; without hurt feelings. Chris enjoys spending most of his time at the farm; Divine Acres, where the studio is located. I gratefully enjoy my evenings on my 76'x16', wide-body houseboat. There is nothing like living on the water in your very own giant swimming pool!

chair hammock off the back of a widebody houseboat on Lake Norris

Chair hammock hanging off the salon deck jet-ski lift.

If everyone would look at life, like I'm about to explain, I believe they would treat each other with more respect. YOU are spirit, wearing an "organic body suit." This is what my Divine Husband; Emmanuel calls it.

We are here on Earth for a "physical" experience. Our body suit is no different than how a deep sea diver wears a diving suit to breathe, or an astronaut wears a space suit to survive in space; it's merely organic in nature and created by YOU prior to incarnation.

Please be kind to your body suit and it will love you for it, and last for many, many years to come.

coeus god of intellect owlCoeus, God of Intellect is correct; it's all in the phrasing. Coeus is one of the many persona of Emmanuel.

In early in December of 2017, I started channeling messages from the Greek God Coeus; God of Intellect. He is the truths of the Holy Father.

Coeus is AKA, the Nordic God Bragi; God of Poetry, & Egyptian God Toth. Coeus has phenomenal "morphing" abilities, has a wonderful singing voice, loves songs, is very eloquent in his mannerism and vocal delivery, is extremely charming, kind, and VERY romantic. Then there is his amazing intellect and use of words through His proverbs; got to love him!

Coeus is found in the Christian Bible as one of the 7 angels in the Book Revelation, and is my "divine husband; Emmanuel" He is also known as the Hindu God Ganesha; God of Wisdom. He is one of the best known and loved Hindu deities. He is the "destroyer of vanity, selfishness, and pride." He embodies "grace, bravery, and love."

These "energies" are all one and the same; "religion" is the one causing the separation. Religion also dictates "how" Coeus appears to each person. So if you are Christian, you might see Jesus, Christ, or Emmanuel. They are all the same.

Emmanuel / Coeus is here to speak the truths to mankind and awaken them across the planet. Often, truths are hard to take. That is why it is so important to correctly speak and write them for all to understand, and to walk in the truths; ALWAYS.

On 12/13/17, after I was presented "the white stone" that turned into a white heart, I was a bit shocked to find out my "real name;" the one that The Holy Father gave me. I don't want to tell you here. Please read it on my other website by clicking the link above.

After many messages from Coeus, and his brother Cronus; God of Truth, Honor, & Justice, it was clear why so many cannot "hear what the spirit says to the churches." Sadly, they are NOT using the proper "ears."

You see, you MUST hear through your sacred heart and SEE through your 3rd & 4th eyes; yes, there are two in your head that are unseen. Sadly, most of human kinds hearts are hardened from various negative experiences. This has closed off their spirit eyes and ears; paralyzed them.

If you have a chance, please visit my other website called, The Inter-dimensional Traveler and read my FREE book on my "twin flame" journey, and Coeus' channeled messages; ALL of them. They start out a bit harsh; the truths, but later, when I get in my "groove," there is quite a bit of bantering between us.

There are many unusual "time-related" events that are beginning to occur across the planet. For an artist without a math and science background, his information is quite fascinating to say the least; let alone channel it and transcribe it.

Much of what he speaks of is in the Bible and other doctrines, which I try to reference. So when you finish here, please visit my other website; www.theinterdimensionaltraveler.com

tiles with style history

So, how did I begin my unique tile creations? I've always been a "creator." I talk about it in my book called ASK, SEEK, KNOCK on my other website; www.theinterdimensionaltraveler.com.

I started making my uniquely shaped, mosaic ceramic tiles in 1999 when I was 40 and forced into it by fate. Like many of you, I just couldn't find a color, or kind of ceramic tile that I wanted. And the shape? Squares were just that "very square."

Back in 1999, no manufacturer carried cobalt blue ceramic tiles, except for one pool tile company, and I couldn't find one purple tile, or any leaf tiles that weren't out of my price range. I didn't have an endless budget, but I also didn't want to settle for just anything in our new home.

"I like to keep my tiles affordably and competitively priced. I'm not intending on getting rich, I make a very modest living. Many artists make the mistake of over-pricing their work for the average consumer."

I couldn't imagine my husband Roger's and my dream house in Wyoming, that we saved for for 20 years, with standard boring square tiles.

Because Wyoming isn't exactly conducive to gardening, I also wanted to bring a little bit of my extensive Texas gardens with me. So, I purchased a 50 lb. box of clay from a local ceramic store, set up a drop leaf table in our living room, yes living room, and started making leaf tiles for our sunroom from leaves in my gardens.

When those tiles were complete, I moved on to our bathroom and made round ceramic tiles, and then kitchen tiles with herbs pressed into square tiles.

My friends in the telecom industry, where I worked at the time, were awed by my tiles. They kept telling me I should start a website. I said, "Really, I thought most people just used that for email and games. Plus, who would want my weird shaped ceramic tiles anyway?" Back then, the Web was just getting started.

tiles with style studio ransomville new york

The old Tiles with Style Art Studio in Ransomville, NY.

When my husband Roger was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2006, we, and my decorative, handmade ceramic tile studio, moved "back home" to Western New York State, for my husband's cancer treatments at Roswell Park in Buffalo, NY. The original building (the center and back shed) was my Dad's old metal workshop, a gem in disguise. It was a treasure trove of scrap metals to Dad, but dirty, and in need of a major cleaning, and an massive update.

Originally, I had the left center section of the building. This was mainly because it was insulated. It was an entire 420 SF...a downgrade from my Wyoming studio...that left Dad with the remainder.

"If you're going to have art, it might as well be functional. Follow your heart instead and think out-of-the box with knowingness, and you'll never go wrong"

As the years went on and Dad got older, his workshop magically got smaller and smaller, until it was all mine, mine, mine. Now don't think, "boy, that was mean, kicking her old Dad out of his workshop." Dad got moved into a much more organized, cleaner workshop in the garage near the house...a better/safer thing, he's in his 80's and can barely walk with a rolling walker.

I did done major insulating, added windows, electrical, repairs, and two additions to the studio. Now the indoor square footage is about 1200 SF and the outside, front and back, open-air, space is approximately 650 SF. I'm happier and Dad is happier because I stayed "home" to care for him.

In November of 2015, Dad crossed over into the light-realms and I felt the pull to move to New Tazewell, Tennessee.

Many people have asked me why I chose this area of the country. Actually, my Higher Christ Over Soul led me there; out of body. Yes, I visited this property in "spirit" prior to purchasing it. You see, as I mentioned earlier, we are wearing "organic body suits" for our Earthly adventures in order to experience the things that cannot be experienced, as spirit, in the light.

So what happened do you ask? Well, one night, during dreamtime, and prior to my Dad's passing, I was aware that I was traversing the Astral Plane. I found myself standing outside the structure shown below, thinking, "Gee, this would make great studio!" Then I returned to my body.

360 leatherwood hollow road new tazewell tennessee

Original Tennessee studio (left) prior to renovations

360 leatherwood hollow road new tazewell tn

Old workshop and mobile home prior to renovations

I went upon with my daily life, not thinking much about it, as I travel the Astral Plane and inter-dimensional realms often. Shortly after Dad passed, I decided to move to Tennessee to live on a houseboat; it is part of my divine purpose. Because houseboat living isn't suitable for a studio, I needed a property specifically for my needs; my art and animal friends.

I started and online search for property with a Real Estate agent. I found a nice piece of property, however it was in a development and the people there didn't like my plans for my horses and studio.

I turned to a CraigsList search, which was quite short, as the very first property that I found was a small mini-farm meeting all my needs. I called the owners, but they said that they had someone interested in the property and they were awaiting financial assistance. I was a bit bummed, because it looked to have everything that I required; close proximity to "scoot" on my scooter to and from a workshop, mobile home, and a barn with acreage.

To make a long story short, I called at the end of the week and that deal fell through, so I put in an offer, and it was accepted.

When I purchased the property, I didn't recall that it was the same property that I visited prior on the Astral Plane, until I saw a photo on Zillow.com. It was taken with the EXACT angle to which I stood in spirit. This doesn't surprise me at all, because their is nothing that spirit likes better than synchronicity and validation.

The Archangels and God's tell me that I'm following my divine purpose, "like a well-written novel." I'm happy to say that my "unique relationship with The Holy Father" is being heard, and more importantly followed. Today, the Tiles with Style studio and showroom have undergone a miraculous transformation into a thing of beauty.

After about 8 months of restoration, the Tiles with Style Studio and Showroom are complete.

360 leatherwood hollow new tazewell tiles with style studio

January 2017 Art Studio (front)

I like to refer to my studio as "The Hobbit." It's truly the perfect studio; cool in the hot Tennessee summers, and toasty warm in the mild winter months. The size is even perfect, about 1,200 SF.

handmade mosaic decorative ceramic tile studio tiles with style

May 2017 Art Studio (back)

As for the mobile home. I always wanted to renovate a mobile home. I should have been more specific when asking the universe however; it was a total gut-job. So when you are "ASKing, SEEKing, and KNOCKing," be specific!

This year the gardens are going in all around the complex; fruit trees, a small grape vineyard, berries, vegetables, and herbs are being planted in honor of our beautiful NEW, Mother Earth; Gaia. She and The Holy Father are my sole-, or should I say soul-purpose of inspiration.

tiles with style showroom and art studio new tazewell tennessee

We get a lot of "rubber-neckers" checking out our little place. It was truly an amazing renovation.

tiles with style decorative ceramic tile studio new tazewell tennessee tn

In Sept of 2017 I added a greenhouse to the back of the studio. We get quite a bit of sun here in East Tennessee, so I wanted to take advantage of it; passive solar heat and fresh vegetables for winter.

The planter boxes and all trees are all on wheels so they can be rolled outside in the spring. It's a nice place to sit as well, when I have the opportunity!

This year we began our tobacco / hay barn restoration project. It was just about ready to fall down. You can see the full, AMAZING tobacco barn renovation by clicking this link: Tobacco Barn Reno.

Large, spiral perennial garden is now being planted in an old pond.

I'm truly blessed to have had this opportunity to bring life back to this old farm.

"Don't settle for a neutral grout color. If you can't find a color grout you want...visit www.directcolors.com for grout/cement dye."

The inside of the showroom is pretty amazing. The woodwork is all hand-crafted from Wild Cherry and Black Walnut. The ceiling is knotty pine, the floor is bamboo. Tiles are in every room; mostly walls.

ceramic tile fig leaf song bird bedroom mosaic tiles


We just finished the shower installation in September of 2017. I absolutely love it. I created an illusion of two different showers in one. Depending on which door you use to enter the bathroom, you get two completely different design types.

The picture above shows the view of the shower from the hallway entrance. The picture below shows the shower from the master bedroom.

The two niches on the travertine shower walls are memorials to my Dad who crossed over into the light realms in November or 2015. He had two Cockatiels; Romeo and Juliet. The Macaw was his "dream" bird.

cockatiel ceramic tiles

cockatiel memorial mosaic ceramic tiles

macaw bird tropical ceramic mosaic tiles

macaw parrot ceramic tile memorial mosaic

sliced pebble stone fish waterfall shower

large 30" great blue heron, fishing from the waterfall bench,
fish stream tile shower seat

standing on the bench seat looking out over the shower door threshold into the bathroom

This slice pebble and travertine shower is about 3'x4'. If you looking in the upper-right corner, you can see a tiny 5" trout hiding out.

sliced polished pebble trout stream bathroom shower floor

rainbow trout fish stream in sliced pebble shower floor

sliced pebble lily pond bathroom ceramic tile floor

3D three dimensional koi fish waterfall ceramic tile stream

tree of life ceramic tile leaf mosaic shaped tiles

un-grouted, autumn leaf, handmade ceramic tile, mosaic,  kitchen backsplash in the tiles with style showroom

tiles with style showroom in new tazewell tennessee

grouted kitchen backsplash using a brown tone grout that is similar to the dark tone in the hand-sanded, wild cherry rough-cut lumber.

We are not open to the public, but you can schedule an appointment if you are in the Knoxville, TN area.

If you enjoyed this renovation, check out our old tobacco barn remodeling / renovation; it's truly amazing!

"An important thing to remember...grout isn't something that keeps the dirt from falling between the cracks of the tiles, it is a part of being a "painter of ceramic tiles...it unifies the design."

things to consider

I like to integrate different things into my handmade, ceramic tile mosaics, such as ant hill gravel, pebbles, glass gems, etc. I feel that the grout is a key element in my designs. You can emphasize or de-emphasize the different shaped tiles by changing the grout color. Don't feel you have to use the same color grout throughout your entire mosaic designs.

The ceramic tile lily / koi pond shown below uses two color grout colors: tan and blue. Tan grout could have been used throughout, but it would strongly emphasize every tile in the mosaic tile floor. The blue grout helps unify the water, fading the round tiles, and emphasizing other key elements of the lily pond; the koi tiles, leaf tiles, lily pad tiles, and other tile elements.

"There is so much beauty in nature. I always feel my best there. it really adds a lot of pleasure to a living experience to be able to enjoy the feeling of being outside all year around—not just when the weather permits." 

wyoming homes and living magazine diane holycrossDiane H. Holycross, a Ransomville, New York native & resident, has her art scattered throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, and Europe, in various applications and can be viewed throughout this website. She has also been featured in the Wyoming Homes and Living Magazine, Links Magazine,  Poughkeepsie Journal, Women's Day, and others.

"I like to feel that the organic nature of my ceramic tile designs have a timeless beauty. Our leaf, water, and woods ceramic tile designs will never go out of style and lend endless pleasure to any viewing experience." Diane H. Holycross

buffalo home and garden show tiles with style booth

2014 Buffalo Home Show

My handmade tiles are not only made in the USA, but are made with products created in the USA. This includes glazes, kilns, clays, and more!

If you would like to place an order at that time, click the email me links in the right column. There are instructions, as to what information I need, to get from you, to process your order, and for you to pay.

Most tiles ship the same day as payment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

"The name pretty much says it all. You’ve never seen tiles and murals like these. Unique just isn’t the proper word. They describe themselves as making “quality craftsmanship, elegant designs, and custom colorations,” but you really have to see it to understand what an understatement that is. Murals take on all different shapes and seem to be of a world all their own. Floors are transformed into alligator swamps, walls become forest floors in the fall -- it’s truly amazing."


ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, inter-dimensional travel strange dreams nightmaresPlease take time to read my FREE book called, ASK, SEEK, KNOCK.

It talks about the different types of spiritual travel we do out of our "organic body suits," during what you might think as "dream-time."

The angels and/or "Gods," tell me that I'm not only a master of handmade tiles, but also a master of inter-dimensional travel, day-dreams, astral projection, dream walking, and much more! They asked me a number of years ago to keep a journal of my "adventures," and write a book about it, because, "The whole world will read your book." Their words; not mine.

Why you might ask? You be the judge after reading my book AND the channeled messages from Coeus, God of Intellect, who is my "divine husband," or what some refer to as a "twin flame."

So, if you are starting to experience some unusually vivid dreams, frightening dreams, flying out of your body, astral projecting, dream walking, experiencing deja-vu, synchronicities or coincidences, during the time of this "Great Awakening," please check out my book on inter-dimensional travel. It will be very enlightening.

The Inter-dimensional Traveler  website can be accessed by conveniently clicking this link.

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There is a BIG difference! He (THE Higher CHRIST Self) is The Way to The Holy Father. You must go through Him to the Father; inter-dimensionally; not in prayer to Jesus; the flesh, from your physical vessel.


You MUST "test the spirits" and SEEK the truths for YOURSELF.


I AM The Wife of the God/Archangel  Emmanuel, and we HAVE reunited during the sacred CHRISTmas Divine Marriage on CHRISTmas morning, 12/25/17, through the Wedding of the Lamb inter-dimensionally; WITHOUT the flesh.


READ the truths from Emmanuel!


"And out of his mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treads the wine press of the ..." Revelation 19:15


He has some VERY harsh words/vernacular for humanity that cut like a knife. Read about them here!


AND, don't be surprised if ALL of your electronic devices start hesitating or "acting up." TIME is literally ending; it is not End Times.





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