ceramic tile honu turtles, sea turtle tiles, land turtle tiles, ceramic tile turtles

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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

products: turtle shaped ceramic tiles

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sea turtle ceramic tile designs

land turtle ceramic tile designs

profile turtle tiles

Bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors with our hand-carved, handmade ceramic tile turtles. Our tile sea turtles / freshwater turtle tiles / honu turtle tiles are beautiful from their head down to their toes.

honu sea turtle shaped mosaic ceramic tiles

ceramic tile honu sea turtle mosaics

honu sea turtle mosaic ceramic tiles

honu sea turtle shaped mosaic ceramic tiles

A slightly different coloration using a moss-green cobblestone finish on the sea turtle mosaic tile's shell and a white cobblestone finish on the fins of the mosaic tile sea turtles.

sea turtle shaped mosaic ceramic tiles

What really makes our sea turtle - shaped, mosaic ceramic tiles unique is that they are all 100% custom. That means our turtle tiles can be profile or top-view in any colors, sizes and designs. This sea turtle tile is in a sunset mosaic design standing on a beach near the water's edge.

pelican turtle shaped mosaic ceramic tiles

sea turtle shaped ceramic tile

A Canadian client sent us an artist's watercolor painting for inspiration for this beautiful, profile view, ceramic tile sea turtle. We captured it's beauty from the careful selection of ceramic tile glaze combinations. The turtle tile consists of 5 pieces of tile. The turtle's head, shell, and 3 appendages. This sea turtle ceramic tile is approximately 25" long and an ever so gorgeous ceramic tile!

sea turtle ceramic tiles

Close up of a ceramic tile sea turtle shaped tile.

Another beautiful sea turtle ceramic tile mosaic is this monochrome sea turtle bathroom tile back splash / backsplash.

sea turtle ceramic tiles, mosaic tile backsplash

For more pictures of this studio layout, sea turtle / honu turtle, ceramic tile mosaic, click our beach link in our table of contents to the left.

Our sea turtle, shaped, mosaic ceramic tiles don't have to be "sea turtle" colors either. This color pallet for a client was predominantly blue, green, purple, pink, and pale yellow.

If you are wondering why there is a daisy in the picture. I was walking to the mailbox here in Western, NY in late November when I looked down and saw this single flower poking up from the grass. I've never seen a daisy this time of year. It was a couple month past it's "time." I bent over, told it how lovely it was, and I hoped it didn't mind if I picked it for my studio. I've never had a flower last so long; nearly two weeks.

This type of sea turtle tile design would make a great ceramic tile kitchen backsplash too.

ceramic tile honu turtles, sea turtle tiles, land turtle tiles, ceramic tile turtles, mosaic tiles

A room with a view. Yes it's a gorgeous sea turtle - shaped ceramic tile that adorns this ceramic tile bathroom floor. It's surrounded with beautiful turquoise round tiles, teal circular tiles, and cobalt water tiles. The outer perimeter of this unique turtle tile design is a bed of green coral. Thanks for the pictures Laura S. of Washington, DC.

This is another Honu turtle, ceramic tile mosaic / shaped tile floor design in a square space that uses a sage-toned kelp and stone border. The water is a mix of turquoise, teal, and cobalt round ceramic tiles.

We can configure ANY of our ceramic tile mosaic designs the way you want. Below is a 3x4 oval honu sea turtle in a white/cream coral bed with seven coral colored tile fish. Turquoise water colored tiles around the outer area, blending to teal and eventually cobalt blue waters in the center. This creates a bit of depth in the pond.

These are two matching sea turtle ceramic tile round medallions. Our client Maureen wanted two round mosaics for her room. The first mosaic tile medallion has two medium size sea turtle ceramic tiles that are approximately 18" each.

Harry's sea turtle medallion

This second mosaic tile sea turtle medallion has two 18" turtles and one smaller 12" sea turtle. The tiles are identical in each medallion, the lighting varies because I had my overhead doors open on the second photograph —it's Spring...hurray!

Roger's sea turtle mosaic tile medallion with an atoll

Here is a close up so you can see the quality of these handmade ceramic tile mosaic pieces.

Another beautiful Honu / turtle Mandela / ceramic tile mosaic / shaped tile medallion. This one uses profile mosaic turtles in a bed of top-view coral-colored coral handmade ceramic tiles. Tucked in here and there are seven small top-view fish tiles.

The artist, Diane H. Holycross of Tiles with Style really likes the look and feel of the soft colors used in this mosaic tile Mandela. They help emphasis the two, profile Honu turtle ceramic tiles in the center.

ceramic tile turtles, sea turtle tiles, land turtle tiles, ceramic tile turtle mosaic tiles

Shown in a 3' round tile medallion. Available in any size, color, and configuration!

We can create a beautiful sea turtle tile medallion just like the one we created for Mika H. in Sapporo Hokkaido, JAPAN. Please be patient when you order our sea turtle ceramic tiles. The task of creating a large, handmade, decorative ceramic tiles is extremely difficult. Cracking and warping of the decorative sea turtle tile shells can occur during any phase of the firings and the ceramic tile turtle shells might have to remade several times until we are successful!

ceramic tile turtles, sea turtle tiles, land turtle tiles, ceramic tile turtle mosaic tiles

turtle ceramic tile medallions

The same sea turtle ceramic tile medallion design, but with another color version. These ceramic tile turtles are a bit softer toned having blue/green shells, muted koi tiles, and cobalt blue water tiles...100% custom functional, decorative ceramic tiles.

ceramic tile turtles, sea turtle tile medallion, land turtle tiles, ceramic tile turtle mosaic tiles

ceramic tile turtles

Mika contact us because he liked the sea turtle ceramic tile mosaic shown below. I told him of the difficulties in producing a 30" ceramic tile sea turtle and suggested doing 2, 18" sea turtle tiles instead. We have better success with that size ceramic tile. Originally Mika wanted his mosaic tile design in a square configuration, but I suggested a round medallion ceramic tile design. It's much more pleasing to the eye and looks far nicer when viewed in ANY direction.

Safari with turquoise/teal legs/flippers/head and dark green shell.

ceramic tile honu turtle, honu turtle ceramic tile floor, sea turtle ceramic tile floor, ceramic tile sea turtle floor

"We are very happy with the way our "Honu" turned out in the entryway of our home in Kona, Hawaii. We will enjoy our entry for years to come!" D. Johnson

honu turtle tile, turtle tiled medallion, sea turtle tiles

On the Big Island of Hawaii, Honu the giant green sea turtle is an important part of the culture. In many ways it is sacred to Hawaiians. Bring one or more of these sea turtle ceramic tiles / giant tortoise tiles into your home today with Tiles with Style.

large ceramic tile sea turtle, large ceramic tile honu turtle

Here is what a small custom, handmade ceramic tile turtle mosaic can do for your space. The small turtle shown below is our 11" sea turtle mosaic tile.

sea turtle ceramic tile mosaic tiles

cost for sea turtle tiles

Individual Sea Turtle ceramic tiles (sizes are approximate):

  • 11"    $125

  • 16"    $155

  • 18"    $165

sea turtle ceramic tile, frog turtle tiles

Please allow extra time for ceramic tile sea turtles. These are extremely difficult to produce and often crack when firing. They have large expanses of clay which shrink and contract while firing, putting great stress on the clay piece. They are worth the wait!

turtle tiles, ceramic tile turtles, ceramic tile frogs, frog tiles

closeup of giant sea turtle ceramic tile

This is an example of Mayco's Safari glaze with Black Cobblestone on the shell and a Aqua Cobblestone on the head and fins. I think it's our most realistic color combination yet.

The top view turtle ceramic tiles are great for floors, while the side view turtle tiles are ideal for ceramic tile wall applications.

sea turtle ceramic tile, bathroom floor

1/2 bath ceramic tile turtle floor designsea turtle ceramic tile, bathroom floor

Just look at the beautiful glazing on our tiles!

Below is a small sea turtle / honu turtle, shaped ceramic tile mosaic. It's approximately 18" x 18".

turtle tile insert design idea

Instead of going with a 6x6" square tiles with turtles painted on them, try one of our turtle tile mosaics...


land turtle mosaics, turtle tile mosaics     land turtle mosaics, turtle tile mosaics     land turtle mosaics, turtle tile mosaics


turtle tile mosaic drawing

Custom ceramic tile turtles, glazed and uniquely designed for your decor. The two turtle tiles below are 6 inch turtles that were designed on the point. They can be used square or on the point for your ceramic tile bathroom back splashes, floors, and more! They are surrounded by round ceramic tiles that were glazed in colors that coordinate well with the clients 4x4 square field tiles.

turtle ceramic tile mosaics

These turtle tile inserts are film mounted ceramic tiles for a simple installation. Just apply your adhesive to your walls or floors, place the film mounted tiles in the empty space, lightly tap the tiles into place with a float, and let dry. The next day grout over the entire area with a sanded grout to create a small mosaic in your field of square ceramic tiles.

Note: Never push your tiles in with your fingers as seen on HGTV by many designers. This is WRONG! You will get an uneven tile installation.

turtle ceramic tile mosaic inserts

This is another picture of the 8, 6x6 ceramic tile turtle mosaic inserts. The dark tile turtles are a basic land turtle. The lighter tile turtle is a Red Ear Slider.

tile turtle mosaics

As you can see by the picture above, we have a variety of ceramic tile glazes that we can use on our handmade, decorative ceramic tile turtles / mosaic turtle designs. You can also have these as 4x4 designs, 8x8 designs, and 12x12 turtle mosaic tile designs...actually, ANY size mosaic tile design. It's all 100% customizable.

land turtle ceramic tile mosaic designs

This vivid, turquoise and teal, ceramic tile mosaic lily pond / turtle pond shower floor is strikingly beautiful. Just imagine waking up in the morning and stepping into this unique ceramic tile shower. You'll never come out again. It will put you into a serene, place.

This is an absolutely beautiful, turquoise, ceramic tile turtle pond, mosaic ceramic tile shower floor. It's featured on my Ordering page where it is used as an example of what I need from my clients, to provide them with the perfect results for their 100% custom, ceramic tile installations.

This is a matching double-sink area turtle pond ceramic tile floor (studio layout). There is also a commode area just outside the shower.

turtle pond ceramic tiles

Click the picture above for an enlargement.

This round, lily pond tile medallion features a large Terrapin turtle tile, along with a frog on a log ceramic tile.

turtle ceramic tile medallion, turtle tile mandela

turtle tile medallion, turtle tile mandella, turtle tile ceramic floor

Just look at these large tile turtle beauties. Two Terrapin ceramic tile turtles grace this small area of this large, 35' ceramic tile lily pond. These turtle tiles would look absolutely fabulous in a round tile medallion.

diane holycross, large turtle tile mosaic, turtle lily pond ceramic tiles, ceramic tile turtles, ceramic tile turtle pond, turtle ceramic tiles

All aquatic-shaped ceramic tiles are available in a multitude of shapes, colors, and finishes. Tiles are approximately 1/4" thick.

turtle shower floor, ceramic tile turtle shower

This large turtle tile and alligator lily pond ceramic tile design has one large ceramic tile turtle and 3 smaller tile turtles. It also has a 3 foot baby alligator ceramic tile, koi ceramic tiles, lily pad ceramic tiles, and a trout ceramic tile hiding in the corner of the ceramic tile

shower floor.

This is one of my favorite color combinations for my ceramic tile land turtles shaped tiles; Sherwood Forest with Brown Cobblestone. It really catches the essence of a real turtle.

Sherwood Forest with Brown Cobblestone

cost for land turtle tiles

SHAPED Land/pond turtle ceramic tile (shown above and below) - 2 color. Remember, if you are purchasing loose tiles, you must purchase the minimum order!

  • 16"       $125

  • 12"       $85

  • 9"         $55

  • 6"         $30

  • 4 1/2"    $20

turtle ceramic tile pond, edison state college turtle ponds, turtle ponds, tile ceramic tile turtles, Rush Library

Visit the Lily Ponds of Edison State College

We also have profile turtles...

turtle ceramic tiles shaped mosaic tiles

Below is a bathroom using profile sea turtles...

ceramic tile turtles

tortoise ceramic tile, tile turtles

The pictures below are examples of 6" painted turtle ceramic tiles. Just because you don't see a turtle tile design here that you like, doesn't mean we can't create one especially for you. Send us your favorite turtle photograph, and we'll make it into a ceramic tile turtle. You just have to meet our minimum order requirement. :)  painted turtles, ceramic tile painted turtle, decorative ceramic tile turtle

ceramic tile painted turtle

We also have land tortoise ceramic tiles designs too!

ceramic tile land turtle

If you would like to place an order at that time, click the email me links in the right column. There are instructions, as to what information I need, to get from you, to process your order, and for you to pay.

Most tiles ship the same day as payment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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