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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

services: fireplace ceramic tiles

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Show off your family or living room with beautiful custom fireplace tiles, ceramic tile fireplace design, fireplace hearth, or both! Our fireplace tiles ideas are unlimited. Just tell us your needs for your fireplace tiles and we'll create your custom fireplace ceramic tile for your fireplace or hearth. We can even make matching fireplace field tile and fireplace hearth tile.

beach fireplace ceramic tiles

Wow, check out this gorgeous beach ceramic tile fireplace. Each of these shaped tiles were made based on the customers requirement; pelicans, a heron, lobster, cattails, and more!

pelican's in flight beach scene in mosaic ceramic tile fireplace

From a distance there is a slight variation in the colors of these shaped beach ceramic tiles. A close up reveals an array of muted tones that pull out the colors of the wall, stone surround, wood flooring and mantel.

pelican bird shaped mosaic tile fireplace

Pelican shaped mosaic tiles are wonderful in any beach scene. An alternative bird for coastal areas might be a roseate spoonbill shaped tile.

I just wanted to let you know that our fireplace you designed is the center of attention. I could not be more impressed with the quality of your work and your vision. You articulated with tiles exactly what a beach in San Clemente Ca would look like. The pelicans in flight , the lobster, the egret, the sea glass, the sand dollars, it is amazing how each piece is so slightly different. a very proud owner of a Tiles with Styles fireplace.

More pictures can be seen under our my birds link.

pelicans in a sunset fireplace, heron on a beach in cattail shaped mosaic tiles in pastel colors

Another beautiful beach fireplace is this pastel sunset beach ceramic tile design. You can see additional pictures under our tropical sunset link.

It's always a challenge when working with a pastel pallet to select colors that work with the wildlife in my mosaic tile designs. I like them to be as realistic as possible.

ceramic tile beach theme fireplace design

This large beach mosaic tile fireplace is so large I couldn't get it in one shot. I had to splice it together. More pictures showing detail are below.

custom handmade ceramic tile beach themed fireplace

This picture shows the palette for the beach themed ceramic tile fireplace. All tiles are made 100% by hand from a block of clay. Custom colors are created for a top-quality color-match. The picture below shows some more of the colors in this custom mosaic tile palette.

roseate spoonbille shaped mosaic tile beach themed fireplace

"I've always wanted to create a Roseate Spoonbill shaped tile. I was thrilled when my Galveston, TX client asked for one in a fireplace beach themed mosaic."

The roseate spoonbill shaped mosaic tile is positioned on the left side of the fireplace opening, while a heron shaped tile is posed on the right side of the fireplace opening.

heron shaped mosaic tile beach themed fireplace

A hermit crab shaped tile, sand dollar, and starfish shaped tiles are on the beach at this blue heron's feet.

trout ceramic tile fireplaces

freshwater fish mosaic tile fireplace with glass gems

This repeat client purchased a small order of trout ceramic tiles, round tiles, and kelp tiles from us. They combined them with glass gems and stones to create this truly unique ceramic tile fireplace. Great job Becks!

lily pond / koi pond fireplace ceramic tiles

ceramic tile lily pond fireplace

I was just blown away with the quality and detail you put into your art. The glazing was just out of this world! The more I looked at each piece, the more I found. Mark Villone, tile setter.

Mark was the installer for the lily pond ceramic tile fireplace shown above. He did a fabulous job not only installing our unique, decorative ceramic tile mosaics, but the manufactured tiles around our mosaic designs. It almost has a rustic, southwestern feel to it.

I like the idea of having a lily pond ceramic tile fireplace hearth in coordination with a fireplace. It's sort of a Ying/Yang and water. This design is more on the elegant side, definitely not southwestern.

lily koi pond mosaic tile hearth fireplace

This client even did a ceramic tile baseboard / backsplash behind the fireplace ceramic tile hearth. Below is a close up picture to show the detail of the lily pad ceramic tile leaves and koi fish ceramic tiles.

lily pad ceramic tiles

New 2012 lily pads...featuring real lily pads!

ceramic tile leaf hearth

ceramic tile leaf fireplace

This fireplace hearth ceramic tile design is a leaf and pebble ceramic tile design. The colors of the fireplace leaf tiles compliment the green walls, black walnut fireplace facing, brick, and the hardwood floors. This pulls all the colors in the room together in harmony.

ceramic tile leaf hearth

Beautiful! The addition of glass globs and tiny pebbles fill in the larger grout areas around the leaf ceramic tiles and add a cohesive look — perfection!

You can dress up an elegant, historic fireplace with our leaf tiles too.

ceramic tile leaf fireplace

ceramic tile leaf fireplace

Notice how the leaf tiles / ceramic tile leaves used on this fireplace pull the tones of the wood and antique fireplace insert to create a neutral, monochromatic, uniform design. The three elements, the mantle, leaf ceramic tiles, and insert all look like they were made for each other.

These tile leaves are great for an antique fireplace or modern looking fireplace ceramic tile installation. And, remember, all of our handmade ceramic tiles are custom, creating one-of-a-kind, decorative, yet functional ceramic tile fireplace that will last for generations to come.

ceramic tile mosaic shaped, green leaf fireplace

Our monochrome leaf ceramic tiles are available in nearly any color. Just visit our Ordering link to see what we need to get from you, so you obtain just the right coloration.

green, shaped, mosaic leaf ceramic tiles

green, airbrushed, shaped, mosaic ceramic tile leavesThis monochrome ceramic tile leaf fireplace is a real showstopper. It adds sophistication and elegance to any room. The leaf-shaped fireplace ceramic tiles / fireplace ceramic tile are underglazed with a Forest Green/Kermit combination and then overglazed with a transparent gloss finish., but you can have any color fireplace tiles / fireplace tile. You can also have your fireplace tiles / fireplace tile any thickness, size, and finish. What more could you ask for in your next ceramic tile fireplace!

white and cream, cabin fireplaces with leaf ceramic tiles

The picture above is a simple monochrome leaf tiles /  fireplace that uses 3 slightly different shades of off-white clay as a base. This subtle ceramic tile leaf design can be used in a multitude of designs; log, traditional, eclectic, contemporary, and modern. It's timeless and awaiting a place in your home today.

We have unlimited colorations for all of our handmade, ceramic tiles. These ceramic tile leaves / leaf tile mosaics are very simplistic. They are almost monochrome in nature, with a clean, bright appearance.

leaf fireplace tiles

These delicate ceramic tile leaves / ceramic tile leafs have subtle hints of greens and teals...lovely! They are destined for an exquisite fireplace tile and ceramic tile hearth.

This is a studio layout of ceramic tile leaves / ceramic tile leafs in a monochrome technique. This is a nice choice if you have a neutral toned home, but desire a bit of the outdoors, indoors.

ceramic tile leaf tile fireplace

If you look at this close up, you can see the artists detail in the border tiles...branches.

leaf ceramic tiles in a nude-toned stain with a satin finish fireplace

Just a hint of color in the veins of the tile leaves and a couple different clay bases in the preparation of the base ceramic tiles makes for a slight variation of color...lovely!

Add a little splash of leaves here and there throughout your house with some monochromatic flare! This designer integrated these ceramic tile leaves in several rooms of a model home. Tiny rocks naturally frame the tile leaves to make the leaf tiles appear as if they fell to the ground. A lovely example of creativity. Thanks Barb!

ceramic tile leaf fireplace hearth

Our fireplace ceramic tile leaves are available in a multitude of monochromatic tones and look fabulous as fireplace ceramic tile. Just tell us your needs and we'll create the monochrome leaf tile fireplace you require.

As you can see, there is an infinite color combination for all of our fireplace ceramic tile designs. Visit out Ordering page to see how you can get the perfect ceramic tile mosaic for your fireplace or ceramic tile hearth.

ceramic tile leaves

This fireplace ceramic tile coloration is Evening Sage. It been tinged with Sunset Red, Acapulco Yellow, and Brownstone. For a monochrome/muted ceramic tile leaf effect. This tile fireplace coloration adds a nice warm feel to your ceramic tile fireplace, by adding just a bit of color.

tropical fireplace hearth mosaic

This is a tropical fish / coral reef, ceramic tile mosaic on a fireplace hearth. It is also an example of how using the correct grout color pulls together the mosaic tile design. The use a a turquoise grout makes the water tiles blend in and the tropical fish tiles pop.

vibrant tropical reef ceramic tile mosaic, fireplace hearth

vibrant, fun, tropical reef mosaic tile fish fireplace hearth

Great job Karen!

round ceramic tile fireplace mosaic and leaf tile hearth

Wow! What a terrific ceramic tile fireplace and tile hearth. This ceramic tile fireplace is made up of round / circular ceramic tiles, while the hearth is made of with autumn leaf tiles. I especially like the way the designer used the circular pattern throughout the hearth design; rounded arch shape, tile rounds, and round tops to the fireplace accessories.

round ceramic tile fireplace

This is a close up of the round blue ceramic tiles found on this ceramic tile fireplace on Hilton Head Island, North Carolina.


round ceramic tile fireplace

The picture below shows a large, fall leaf ceramic tile hearth. It's one of the larges tiled hearths I've seen, and definitely one of the loveliest. The ceramic tile leaves are rustic in contrast to the more modern look and feel of the ceramic tiled fireplace that is featured against white wainscoting.


round ceramic tile leaf fireplace hearth

This close up of the ceramic tile fireplace hearth shows a variety of different shape leaf tiles. These tile leaves are mostly a matt/satin finish. Some of the leaves on this ceramic tile fireplace hearth include Bloodroot, Oak, Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Fern, Thimbleberry, Maple, Anthole Begonia, Comfrey, Burdock, and Aspen.


ceramic tile leaf fireplace hearth

A beautiful installation by Burt Bailey, Quality Homes Flooring, Southport, North Carolina — 910-515-4132. Notice how Burt maintained nice even spacing between the round ceramic tiles, as well as excellent placement.

Note: If you have a specific color in mind, please send us a paint swatch from your local paint store for us to match to our glaze colors.

I really like the look of this unique, handmade, ceramic tile fireplace. It has a Mexican feel to it.


leaf and frog ceramic tile fireplace

J. Schwedock of Arlington, Massachusetts came up with this lovely frog ceramic tile and fall leaf ceramic tile mosaic for her organic ceramic tile fireplace design. She even had enough ceramic tile leaves to make this attractive ceramic tile table top. Great  job on the ceramic tile installation Julie and Brian!


tiled ceramic table


"Your handmade tile are creative, vibrant, and adaptable to so many applications. I loved them when I first saw them in a magazine article on interesting art tile and I love them even more in my home. They add great color and interest to my new screen porch! And again, thanks for the grout help."
R. Lipscomb, California

The picture below is a studio layout of a monochrome beach tiled fireplace. It has five pelican tiles skimming the water at the top and an array of different beach tiles on each side.

monochrome beach theme ceramic tile fireplace

More pictures can be viewed under our Beach link. Sorry, I couldn't fit this large design into my view finder.

The Lipscomb family came up with this absolutely fabulous solution to an unsightly exterior cement firebox. Before, it was just a big cement block, now it's a true labor of love.

This is a fine way to take a minimum order of 5+ SF and create a spectacular koi pond ceramic tile design. They added one of my favorite mediums, glass to their lily pond ceramic tile installation. Glass globs are perfect with our lily pond tiles, because they create a unique water/bubble effect.

ceramic tile lily pond firebox

ceramic tile lily pond firebox

Another thing I like about this finished piece is the multi-tone sanded grout effect. It adds depth to the overall ceramic tile pond design and creates a very realistic representation. Great job Rusty and Chuck!


ceramic tile leaf fireplaceOur fireplace ceramic tiles are the same quality tiles we make for our ceramic tile floors and walls and are FULLY VITRIFIED tiles. They are fired to approximately 2200, so there is no reason to worry about heat damaging the tiles on your fireplace face or fireplace hearth.

Click the photograph below for a larger view. The large images may take a few moments to download.

CLICK ME! The custom fireplace design features custom oak leaf ceramic tile and maple leaf ceramic tile.


The custom fireplace design features custom leaf ceramic tiles that were incorporated into a collage of found art on an artist’s hearth in Melissa, Texas.

Check out our ceramic tile fireplace surround cost cutting ideas!

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fireplace hearth mosaic tile lily pond design idea drawing

This is a lily pond ceramic tile design idea based on a straight hearth with a round bump-out.

At Tiles with Style, we pride ourselves on creative collaboration with clients, architects, designers, and contractors. We take great care to ensure that your custom fireplace design and fireplace hearth are unique and one-of-a-kind works of art. Each hand made tile is painstakingly crafted using white, red, or marbled low-fire clays with bits of nature as their theme. Tiles are hand-rolled and hand-glazed, so that no hand made tile has the appearance of being manufactured. Constant attention to detail is placed on design as well as layout, for completely planned installations.

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"Diane could do something like the Sistine Chapel in tile."
Patty Lufkin, Saratoga, WY

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