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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

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We have kitchen ceramic tile, backsplash kitchen tile, tile kitchen backsplash, range backsplash ceramic tile, oven tile backsplash, stove backsplash tile, kitchen countertop tile, kitchen sink backsplashes, and a lot more ceramic tile kitchen tiles and ideas!

ceramic tile mosaic tree of life

"The Hands of God"

I AM pleased to announce this beautiful new ceramic tile tree of life called, "The Hands of God." I would like to thank my client; Chris Summers for her patience waiting for her order, and the fantastic finished installation pictures.

Father's beauty is everywhere around us. He IS, and IS IN EVERYTHING; the earth, water, air, and fire." He is the energy that comprises our blessed planet Gaia, and most importantly, He in all of us. Stand in His presence, swim in His glory, breath Him in, and let His fire burn within your heart. We are truly one when we invite God within us; I know I AM.

This realistic salmon ceramic tile kitchen / stove tiled backsplash makes a beautiful focal point in any home. As you scroll through this page, you can see various stove top kitchen tile backsplashes / back splashes. Everything I make is 100% customizable. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it can't be designed.

Thanks for the pictures Jo Ann S. of Alaska

My client Katherine sent me these pictures of her newly installed ceramic tile leaf, branch, and cardinal / bird kitchen backsplash.

If you look closely at this handmade, custom ceramic tile backsplash, you'll notice that Katherine added some of the tiny squares from her basket weave file tiles to the bird and leaf tile design. If you take a closer look, you'll see that Katherine stipple painted the grout a bit to soften the overall appearance. This also nicely mimics the glazes used in these hand painted tiles.

Katherine, You made improvements to your beautiful leaf and bird tiles with these additions...brilliant!

If you are looking for a 100" custom ceramic tile mosaic kitchen backsplash, you've come to the right place. Jackie C. had several requisites for her stovetop kitchen backsplash tiles.

ceramic tile mosaic kitchen backsplash

Jackie had not only specific colors, but specific elements, and there were a lot. She liked our cattail ceramic tiles that nicely frame the mosaic tile design, water iris ceramic tiles, a turtle on a log tile, six freshwater fish ceramic tiles, a frog ceramic tile, heron tile, and marsh marigold mosaic tiles. She also wanted an otter ceramic tile, plus a heron in flight, and a sun. WOW, you're thinking. That is a lot of different mosaic tiles.

marsh ceramic tile mosaic kitchen backsplash

The biggest obstacle was Jackie's range hood. It took up a great deal of space in the design. But look how fabulous it came out in her for her tiled kitchen backsplash in her newly remodeled kitchen.

ceramic tile mosaic marsh kitchen backsplash

This is an autumn leaves ceramic tile kitchen back splash in Japan. It contains several varieties of hardwood leaves and others, including:

  • globe thistle leaf tiles

  • oak leaf tiles

  • maple leaf tiles

  • ash leaf tiles

  • hydrangea leaf tiles

  • burdock leaf tiles

  • sassafras leaf tiles

  • japanese maple leaf tiles

leaf tile kitchen backsplash japan
ceramic tile leaf and lizard kitchen back splash tiles

These autumn-toned ceramic tile leaves / leaf tiles beautifully compliment the earthy/natural feel of this elegant Japanese kitchen. As you can see by the angle of this photo, our ceramic tile leaves are handmade using a variety of real leaves. Each leaf tile is painstakingly hand painted to be a unique work of art for you and you alone.

kitchen ceramit tile leaf back splash Japan

kitchen view of ceramic tile leaf and lizard tile backsplash

This ceramic tile leaf kitchen backsplash / back splash makes for a striking focal point in this lovely kitchen. This type of leaf tile design has many applications, including bathroom tile backsplashes, tile flooring, and many more!

The kitchen mosaic tile back splash / backsplash contains two small birds; the Titmouse and Sparrow. These two bird tiles are shaped, as are the leaf tiles, because they are mosaic tiles, not square tiles. This makes for a more realistic looking tiled kitchen backsplash. You can order our kitchen ceramic tiles loose, or have the artist assemble our kitchen mosaic tiles in our studio with mosaic tile tape / film mounted.

The client that ordered the bird and leaf tile kitchen backsplash above, also wanted a handful of 6x6 ceramic tile mosaic inserts to match their stove area tile backsplash.

You can see more bird and leaf tiles under our Leaf links and Bird link in our Table of Contents (TOC) to the left. There are more towards the bottom of this page as well.

tropical kitchen tile back splashes

The "design world" says "no," but I say "YES!" DO use blue in your kitchen because it is NOT unappetizing. Don't believe what HGTV or the design world dictates. This is one of the most beautiful, tiled kitchen backsplashes that I have seen and guess what? It's predominantly designed in blues.

tropical ceramic tile kitchen back splash coral reef design

I'm sure this client will never get bored while cooking in her kitchen. This tropical kitchen ceramic tile backsplash is loaded with fantastic marine life. There is even a sexy mermaid to the right of her stove on the kitchen backsplash.

 tropical ceramic tile kitchen back splash coral reef design
This is one gorgeous tropical coral reef ceramic tile kitchen backsplash!

So, the moral of the story is...don't follow "today's" design trends. What's in today...glass tiles, rock tiles...is OUT tomorrow. If you don't plan on moving, do what you want for your next kitchen ceramic tile backsplash, your house is your home, not your designers!

Another take on a tropical kitchen ceramic tile design. You can see and feel the difference in the first ceramic tile kitchen back splash shown above and the one shown below. The picture above shows a ceramic tile kitchen that is vibrant and fun. The one below (mine) is cool and soothing.

I personally love the look and feel of my kitchen. When I come in from a long day at the studio, I say, "ahhhhh." I'm instantly relaxed in this retro,  50's style kitchen that come complete with a tropical kitchen backsplash.

kitchen ceramic tiles

This is a close up of the right kitchen backsplash tiles. If you look close, you can see a hammerhead shark behind the coffee maker. The mermaid ceramic tile on this tiled kitchen backsplash has her "privates" covered with a couple tropical fish tiles. As with all of our kitchen backsplash ceramic tiles, you can request ANY elements be added to your designs.

kitchen ceramic tile back splash

Close up picture of a monochrome style ceramic tile,
tropical kitchen backsplash

Color is all around us. It can be used to modify our behavior. Like many, I personally love to eat. It has been proven that pink actually suppresses the appetite and helps stop stress-related snacking.

stone like leaf tile kitchen back splash

This beautiful, travertine, leaf tile kitchen backsplash was achieved by the use of 3 claybases. The leaf tiles behind this stove back splash use tan and off-white clay bases that are marbled together to lend a stone-like appearance.

ceramic tile kitchen back splash or backsplash

A totally different look and feel from the tropical reef kitchen ceramic tile backsplash shown above. These stone-like leaf tiles perfectly compliment the stone field tiles used on the kitchen's tile back splash and the stone countertop.

To get this type of color match on your leaf tile, kitchen back splash, send us a couple different pieces of your field tiles. You can also visit out Ordering page for more details.

autumn leaf tile kitchen back splash / backsplash

Just look at this lovely autumn leaf kitchen backsplash tile that was created for our 60th United States Secretary of State George P. Schultz and family. These beautiful golden fall ceramic tile leaves are paired with handmade 4"x4" handmade square tile and 2"x2" groupings of square ceramic tiles for a unique twist on craftsman ceramic tiles.

ceramic tile autumn leaves, autumn leaf tiles, autumn leaves ceramic tiles, leaf tiles

Carlene Anderson, designer/owner of Carlene Anderson Kitchen Design at 5818 Balboa Drive of Oakland, California ordered these handmade, decorative ceramic tiles for the Schultz family. As with all of our decorative tiles, each ceramic tile is handmade and fully vitrified to last for generations to come.

ceramic tile autumn leaves, autumn leaf tiles, autumn leaves ceramic tiles, leaf tiles

If you look at the pictures above and below, you can see how some of the square handmade ceramic tiles have leaves hanging off of the squares to help with the geometric transition of the squares into the natural / organic leaf-shaped ceramic tiles.

ceramic tile autumn leaves, autumn leaf tiles, autumn leaves ceramic tiles, leaf tiles

ALL of our designs are 100% fully customizable. Just send me paint store color swatches and I'll match your colors as closely as possible to our huge selection of ceramic tile glaze colors!

monochrome ceramic tile leaf backsplash

You say you don't like the natural tone of leaf tile? See our Monochrome Leaves and Stoneware Leaves for a more subtle kitchen backsplash ceramic tile / ceramic tile kitchen backsplash design. These tile leaves are very classic and elegant, and as are all our kitchen leaf tile backsplashes, they are timeless. They never go out of style or become dated like other manufactured tiles such as stone tile and glass tiles.

elegant ceramic tile leaves, ceramic tile leaves, leaf tiles, leaves ceramic tiles, leaf tiles

For more information on monochrome leaf tiles / tile leaves, like the one on this kitchen backsplash, and the availability of colors, which is endless, visit out Monochrome Leaves page and read some of the page content.

The leaf tile kitchen backsplash above show stoneware-like leaf tiles. These were a perfect match to an off-white granite with grey veins and burgundy splotches. Click the picture to see more photos of these kitchen ceramic tile leaves that are found under our Stoneware link.

checkerboard style leaf tile kitchen backsplash

The ceramic tile leaves on this ceramic tile kitchen backsplash below were glazed to coordinate with the square 4"x4" glazed tiles to create a checkerboard pattern.

custom ceramic tile autumn leaves, handmade leaf tiles, hand made leaves ceramic tiles, leaf tiles

Beautiful, beautiful, realistic leaf ceramic tiles are available in a multitude of colors for your kitchen backsplash tile / tile kitchen backsplash. A timeless design that you never tire of, because there is always something different to find in our nature / organic tiles.

custom ceramic tile autumn leaves, handmade leaf tiles, hand made leaves ceramic tiles, leaf tiles

You can group our kitchen ceramic tile leaves with manufactured kitchen ceramic tiles as shown above in this unique ceramic tile kitchen backsplash design, found in Montreal, Quebec Canada, or use them as a mosaic ceramic tile kitchen backsplash/ mosaic ceramic tile dining room tile backsplash as shown in the pictures below.

custom ceramic tile autumn leaves, handmade leaf tiles, hand made leaves ceramic tiles, leaf tiles

This picture shows a closeup of the handmade ceramic tile leaves. Some of the leaves include: fig leaf tiles, aspen leaf tiles, cleary sage leaf tiles, hydrangea leaf tiles,  maple leaf tiles, comfrey leaf tiles, and oak leaf ceramic tiles.

At Tiles with Style we can create ANY ceramic tile kitchen backsplash, per your specifications or per our tile design ideas. We can talk to you on the phone, or you can email us your kitchen tile ideas. We'll then take your kitchen tile backsplash or kitchen countertop tile information and create EXACTLY what you want in handmade ceramic tile kitchen backsplash or kitchen tile countertop.

monochrome tile leaf kitchen backsplash

Interior designer, Leslie Dawson-Mouzis of Simi Valley, California designed this stunning kitchen. She placed a small monochrome ceramic tile leaf kitchen backsplash design, just above the oven / range. A beautiful overall design Leslie!

custom ceramic tile monochrome leaves, handmade leaf tiles, hand made leaves ceramic tiles, leaf tiles

Send us some paint store color swatches, or a small pieces of your manufactured kitchen ceramic tiles or stone, and we'll match your custom kitchen tiles to the color samples.

monochrome leaf ceramic tiles

                   Kitchen range ceramic tile backsplash

These ceramic tile leaves on this kitchen backsplash / back splash include oak leaf hydrangea leaf tiles, squash tile leaves, grape leaf tile leaves, maple leaf tiles, fern leaf ceramic tiles, and more!

tropical coral reef kitchen

If leave / leaf tiles aren't your thing. Check out this incredible tropical fish kitchen tile backsplash in Scarsdale, N.Y.

tropical fish kitchen backsplash, ceramic tile tropical fish, ceramic tile tropical fish back splash, ceramic tile tropical kitchen backsplash

You can see more of this tropical kitchen backsplash under our Coral Reef link in the left column. There are also pictures of the coordinated tropical kitchen ceramic tile floor on that page...it's quite an amazing room!

fish ceramic tile kitchen backsplash ideas

Below are two concept drawings. The first is for a trout stovetop / stove top / kitchen tile backsplash. The second is a Chinook Salmon stovetop / stove top / tile kitchen backsplash.

lake trout ceramic tile drawing, trout kitchen backsplash tile drawing, trout ceramic tiles

chinook salmon ceramic tile drawing, salmon kitchen backsplash tile drawing, salmon ceramic tiles

Look at this subtle design..

chinook salmon ceramic tile drawing, salmon kitchen backsplash tile drawing, salmon ceramic tiles, round tiles

The changes in the tiles were water color: cobalt blue is now pale blues/turquoise tones and the gray rock tiles were exchanged for aqua colored rock tiles.

As with all our designs, they are FULLY customizable!

Here are a couple lily pond design ideas. Here is another example of how changing colors can lend to an entirely different look...

From vibrant to subtle!

lily pond kitchen tile backsplash drawing, lily pond tile drawing, tile lily pond drawing

lily pond kitchen tile backsplash drawing, lily pond tile drawing, tile lily pond drawing

See our Ordering link for details on how to get the look and feel you desire in your next 100% CUSTOM ceramic tile kitchen backsplash.

Tiles with Style, a decorative ceramic tile studio, specializes in custom hand made kitchen ceramic tiles. We are well known for quality craftsmanship, elegant kitchen designs, and custom colorations. And yet, we are more than just decorative ceramic tile — our purpose is to create a unique work of art, ornament, and architecture in your ceramic tile border, kitchen backsplash, tile countertops, ceramic floor tiles, fireplace designs, and custom hand made tiles.

All tiles are fully vitrified to last for generations and to withstand high temperatures. To protect your grout, use a silicone or teflon premium grout.

For more backsplash tile, see our Tile Backsplash link in the left column or click our Tile Backsplash link here. And, don't forget to check out our ceramic tile teapot and teacup kitchen backsplash. You can have ANY kitchen tile design...it's endless!

Instructions on How to Lay Ceramic Tile

Instructions to Set Scattered Tiles

If you would like to place an order at that time, click the email me links in the right column. There are instructions, as to what information I need, to get from you, to process your order, and for you to pay.

Most tiles ship the same day as payment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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