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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

products: leaf tile

Decorative ceramic shaped leaf tile, hand made leaf tiles in various ceramic leaf mosaic designs such as oak leaf tile, shaped maple leaf tile, sassafras tile, ginkgo ceramic tiles, catalpa ceramic tile leaves, elm leaf tile, birch tile leaves, redbud leaf tiles, and more shaped mosaic tiles!

airbrushed monochrome
autumn multi-toned
bamboo stoneware
coloration terracotta
marbled tree of life

Imagine a forest. Breathtaking splashes of color — leaves in yellow, reds, oranges, gold, and deep burgundies overtaking the green hardwoods. Now you can bring the outdoors, indoors, and create the room of your dreams with custom handmade ceramic tile by Tiles with Style.

leaf ceramic tiles, ceramic tile leaves, tiled leaves, tiled leafs

Ceramic tile autumn leaves. Note: some of these glazes have been discontinued by the manufacturer

If you have specific colors in mind, you can send us paint swatches, or any other inspiration. This client sent us a piece of her wallpaper.

leaf ceramic tiles, ceramic tile leaves, tiled leaves, tiled leafs

This ceramic tile leaf mosaic contains branch tiles, 3 bird ceramic tiles, frog tiles, flower tiles, dragonfly tiles, and cat paw tiles.

Contact us to order your custom, mosaic, leaf ceramic tile today! It's a very organic ceramic tile / natural ceramic tile application / environmentally friendly, decorative, mosaic tile application.

leaf ceramic tiles, ceramic tile leaves, tiled leaves, tiled leaf kitchen backsplash

Ceramic tile leaf kitchen backsplash in autumn tones with a bit of green leaf tiles

"The tile looks TERRIFIC!!! We had it laid out in our living room temporarily, just to gaze at it. Each time we put a new mesh-mounted segment into place, we were newly amazed. It’s really a beautiful piece of art, and we can’t wait to see it when it is fully installed at our hearth!"
N & J Teich, Newton, Massachusettes

leaf ceramic tiles, ceramic tile leaves, tiled leaves, tiled leafs

At Tiles with Style, we make the simple ceramic leaves into a unique and one-of-a-kind works of art in your kitchen tile backsplash or ceramic tile floor. Each handmade tile is painstakingly crafted using white, red, or marbled low-fire clays with bits of nature as their theme. "Green" tile leaves are hand-rolled and hand-glazed, so that no hand made leaf tile has the appearance of being manufactured, making them truly a nature ceramic tile / organic ceramic tile.

leaf ceramic tiles, ceramic tile leaves, tiled leaves, tiled leafs

As you can see, our ceramic tile leaves are leaf - shaped tiles, not square ceramic tiles

shaped ceramic tile ginkgo leaf tiles
Shaped ginkgo leaf ceramic tiles in Gooseberry Green and Rust
shaped ginkgo leaf ceramic tiles

shaped oak leaf ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile oak leaf in Fox Fire

You can make a BIG statement with just a small minimum order of a couple of square feet of leaf tiles, some inexpensive slate, a wet saw, and some elbow grease!

leaf ceramic tiles, ceramic tile leaves, tiled leaves, tiled leafs

"Four of the five boxes arrived here in Florida this afternoon. I am in leaf-heaven. I cannot believe how beautiful your leaf tiles are!"
Kathleen Ruff, Longwood, FL

aspen leaf ceramic tiles, ceramic tile leaves, tiled aspen leaves, tiled leaf backsplash
Aspen leaf kitchen backsplash

This beautiful ceramic tile leaf entryway says "welcome home" everyday, when J. Thomas of Tokyo, Japan comes home to her family from a hard day at work.

leaf ceramic tiles, ceramic tile leaves, tiled leaves, tiled leafs

Leaf tiles in concrete

A few stray ceramic tiles, such as this lizard ceramic tile and leaf ceramic tile made it's way to this beautiful communications wall that stands at the base of the tiled staircase entry.

leaf ceramic tiles, ceramic tile leaves, tiled leaves, tiled leafs

A ceramic tile leaf and tile lizard are set in stucco

leaf ceramic tiles, ceramic tile leaves, tiled leaves, tiled leafs

Leaf tiles set in concrete and adhered to a stucco wall

"I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my tiles!!! Anyone who has ever come over says that it really makes our house seem special. I love going home after a long day at work. I can't help but to smile!!" Jules Thomas, Tokyo, Japan

I do not do drawings for leaf designs. They are all random.

All handmade ceramic leaf shaped / mosaic tiles come in a multitude of styles, shapes and colors and are custom made to fit your decor. A combination of leaf-shaped tiles makes a gorgeous ceramic leaf mosaic tile display. If you don't see what you want, contact us for a custom order.

leaf ceramic tiles, ceramic tile leaves, tiled leaves, tiled leafs

Absolutely beautiful ceramic tile leaves

2001: "There is one place here in California that makes leaf shaped tiles. She charges $100 a sq foot and yours are 10 times better." Forrest Mize, Ventura, CA

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Our ceramic leaves are made using real leaves. This creates a beautiful and realistic leaf tile. The samples below include a few varieties that we can produce. 

leaf ceramic tiles, ceramic tile leaves, tiled leaves, tiled leafs

Leaf ceramic tile sunroom floor in 50% autumn / 50% green tones

You can have gecko's, dragonflies, and frogs imprinted on any of our leaf tiles.

Japanese Maple ceramic tile leaves

The picture above is from a wood stove tiled hearth in Japan. The leaves are Japanese Maple leaf tiles with a few other native Japanese leaves. These Japanese leaf tiles have an upcharge because of the delicate nature of the shape of the leaf. They are very difficult to produce.

This ceramic tile kitchen backsplash features a spreading oak tree that is complete with three ceramic tile squirrels. The leaves of this ceramic tile tree are comprised of post oak ceramic tile leaves. They are perfect for a tree mural because the leaves are quite small, about 1 1/2" in size.

Beneath the tree are two of the owners dogs. The picture really doesn't do this ceramic tile mural any justice, you'd have to see it in person.

oak tree ceramic tiles

If you don't see what you like and have a tree, shrub, or plant at your disposal, you can send us fresh leaves packed between slightly damp paper towels, in zip lock bags, using a Priority Mail envelope. We'll make the tiles for you using your leaves! Note: pick leaves that are perfectly flat. If they are wavy, there will be wrinkles in the tiles!

I don't do any drawings of leaf "designs" the leaves are randomly placed in a mix that looks natural, not contrived.

Click here to see a beautiful circular ceramic tile cobalt blue floor.
Click here to see a unique round ceramic tile border.

NEW! Click here to see monochrome leaf colors.

ALL colors are custom. Send me your paint swatch color pallet for a truly custom experience.

Click here to see an awesome ceramic tile leaf floor.
Click here to see a beautiful aspen leaf bordered foyer.
Click here to see a sage leaf shower border.

Click here to see a inlayed leaf table.

If you would like to place an order at that time, click the email me links in the right column. There are instructions, as to what information I need, to get from you, to process your order, and for you to pay.

Most tiles ship the same day as payment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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