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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

product: ceramic tile lily ponds

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Look at this realistic ceramic tile lily pond. This lily pad ceramic tile comes complete with ceramic tile goldfish, tile frogs, tile turtles, lily pad tiles, lily flower / lotus flower tiles, tile dragonflies, and round ceramic tile water pieces

New lily pads for 2012!

A friend recently gave me some lily pads from one of her real lily ponds. I made some rubber latex casts of them and created a much nicer looking shaped, ceramic tile lily pad. You might also notice the addition of scales to my standard Koi. If you want scales on your Koi, please tell me, otherwise they might not have scales.

This very simply designed ceramic tile lily pond is a stand-alone beauty. Sometimes less IS better.

ceramic tile lily pond koi pond tiles

"I get so excited when I receive finished installation pictures from clients. My unique mosaic ceramic tile designs really come together when they are grouted." Diane H. Holycross, Master Tile Artist, Tiles with Style, Ransomville, NY.

New 2012 lily pad shapes.

You can order a complete lily pond / koi pond / turtle ceramic tile lily pond, or you can purchase the main ceramic tile elements of a pond and add your own water tiles. See our Pricing page for more details.

This vivid, turquoise and teal, ceramic tile mosaic lily pond shower floor is strikingly beautiful. Just imagine waking up in the morning and stepping into this unique ceramic tile shower. You'll never come out again. It will put you into a serene, place.

This is an absolutely beautiful turquoise lily pond, mosaic ceramic tile shower floor. It's featured on my Ordering page where it is used as an example of what I need from my clients, to provide them with the perfect results for their 100% custom, ceramic tile installations.

This is a matching double-sink area turtle pond ceramic tile floor. There is also a commode area just outside the shower.

turtle pond ceramic tiles

Click the picture above for an enlargement.

Another use for a ceramic tile lily pond would be as fireplace ceramic tiles. All of our custom handmade, decorative ceramic tiles are fully vitrified to last for generations to come. They are fired to approximately 2280 degrees and can be used for fireplace hearth ceramic tiles, or on the face of your fireplace.

William P Banker lily pond fireplace and hearth ceramic tiles

This gorgeous lily pond fireplace ceramic tile design features the owners Koi fish that are found in his outside Koi pond. Accompanying the fireplace design is a Ying Yang circular tile design on his hearth.

William P Banker lily pond fireplace and hearth ceramic tiles

You could just purchase standard manufactured ceramic tiles and place them into an interesting design for less money, but remember, you'll be looking at them for many years. Spend a little more on decorative ceramic tiles and enjoy your home even more. Sometimes the smallest ceramic tile design that is located in the correct place, can bring such great pleasure.

english cottage lily pond ceramic tiles

This is a lovely example of symmetry at its finest. This English garden, lily / koi pond ceramic tile floor design was created and installed by artist, Elisa Robles Carlo.


ceramic tile lily pond hearth, lily pond hearth tiles

Lily pond ceramic tile hearth

ceramic tile turtles, ceramic tile turtle pond

Diane H. Holycross, Owner/Artist of Tiles with Style in her Western NY studio with one of nine Edison State College, Rush Library, custom, handmade lily pond ceramic tile mounted ceramic tile designs.

As with all of our lily pond ceramic tile designs, colors are 100% customizable. This clients, unique shower floor tiles consists of a baby blue tone. The round water tiles reflect the pale tones of this field tile. The ceramic tile lily pads were also glazed in muted tones to maintain a soft look and feel.

Great installation Darrell Welch of Crazy Mountain Tile, LLC., Livingston, Montana. Darrell was terrific to work with on this project. He was an instrumental go-between between Tiles with Style and the designer. I highly recommend Darrell if you are installing in the Livingston, Montana area.

lily pond ceramic tile shower floor

lily pond ceramic tile shower floor

Field tiles are from Sonoma Tilemakers Stellar series,
grout is Tec Vinca. Installation by
Darrell G. Welch, Crazy Mountain Tile LLC, Livingston, MT

ceramic tile mosaic marsh kitchen back splash

Because all of our tiles are fully customizable, you have the option for an entirely different look. These Marsh Marigold ceramic tiles are a beautiful alternative to lily / lotus flowers that are commonly seen in our lily pond ceramic tile designs.

otter in marsh marigolds ceramic tile mosaic backsplash

This marsh, kitchen stovetop, ceramic tile backsplash contains marsh marigolds in the pond. What a beautiful finished installation.

swamp marsh bog ceramic tile mosaic


Click the picture of the Marsh Marigold ceramic tiles above for a larger view.

This beautiful lily pond ceramic tile floor is the perfect addition to this stone lily pond pump house. I like the way the client disguised the staircase with cattails.

lily pond pump house ceramic tiles

When I design a ceramic tile lily pond floor, I like to create a stone perimeter that matches the clients field tiles / stone tiles / walls that surround the ceramic tile pond. This technique makes the lily pond tiles the true focal point and creates a smooth transition between our handmade ceramic tiles and your rock / stone /field tiles.

lily pond pump house ceramic tiles

You have the option to modify ANY ceramic tile lily pond design by having different color lily flower / lotus flower ceramic tiles, for example coral/red as shown in the above picture, Koi or goldfish tiles, turtles ceramic tiles, frog tiles / toad tiles or anything else you might have in mind.

Looking for a life-size ceramic tile alligator? You've found it here. This alligator ceramic tile is approximately 6 feet long and is made up of six decorative ceramic tiles. Ideal for a large lily pond tile application. He is also available in a smaller baby alligator tile.

aligator swamp pond ceramic tiles

Another Rush Library, Edison State College ceramic tile lily pond floor with large 6 foot alligator.

View the numerous Lily Ponds of Edison State College

You can have your ceramic tile lily ponds any way you want them designed. Here is a unique ceramic tile design we created in a Ying Yang lily pond tile design. This Ying Yang tile design utilizes a ceramic tile bamboo border tile. The dividing line between the Ying Yang are four ceramic tile Koi fish that were glazed specific to the customer's requirements. The outer portion of this Ying Yang tile design contains lily pad tile, lily flower / lotus flower tile, turtle tile, and frog tiles.

ying yang lily pond kitchen tile backsplash

Studio Layout

ying yang tile backsplash

Finished installation with tan grout

This ceramic tile design would be suitable for a ceramic tile mosaic floor design or a ceramic tile mosaic wall design.

If you are looking for a more realistic color in your ceramic tile koi pond / ceramic tile lily pond, just ask for our mossy water. The round tiles consist of teals, mossy greens, and a bit of pale blue.

lily pond ceramic tile floor

Studio layout

ceramic tile koi pond

Studio layout

If you want your koi pond tiles / lily pond tiles to be bordered in rock tiles for a seamless transition from your manufactured tiles to our pond tiles, send us a piece of your field tile and we'll coordinate the rock ceramic tiles to the color of your field tiles.

This lily pond has large bubble-eye goldfish ceramic tiles and ceramic tile frogs. The water is several different shades of blues. The ceramic tile grout is white. Grout plays a HUGE roll in how the final pond appears.

ceramic tile lily pond floor

Installed by Mark Zeni Tile & Stone, Inc.
927 Calle Negocio, Suite O, San Clemente, CA 92673

If you need an installer in California, call: 949-361-1166

"Four of the five boxes arrived here in Florida this afternoon. I am in leaf-heaven. I cannot believe how beautiful your leaf tiles are!"
Kathleen Ruff, Longwood, FL

small lily pond ceramic tile design

Don't limit yourself to a seasonal outdoor koi pond, make your next ceramic tile project a beautiful ceramic tile koi / goldfish pond, and bring a little of the outdoors, indoors today! You can enjoy a striking koi ceramic tile or goldfish ceramic tile pond in your home now.

small lily pond ceramic tile design

2' x 2' ceramic tile lotus / lily pond

unique, handmade, lily pond ceramic tile floor

This layout shows a school of ceramic tile Koi swimming on a koi fish ceramic tile floor. A school of ceramic Koi tile will bring life to a ceramic tile lily pond. Add wiggle water ceramic tiles around the koi ceramic tiles and it looks just like a feeding frenzy. 2005

New lotus flower designs for 2011. This new design has phased out our previous lily flower designs.

lotus flower ceramic tiles, lily flower ceramic tiles

Salmon Mousse and Indian Summer with White Cobblestone edging.

lotus flower ceramic tiles, lily flower ceramic tiles

Pink shaded lotus flower ceramic tiles

This pictures show the detail on our lily pond ceramic tile lotus flowers — available in ANY color lily / lotus flower ceramic tile!

"Diane hand makes the most beautiful tile I have ever seen. I found her site several years ago and decided that if I ever owned my own home I would want to have one of her installations. Even before we closed on our house, I contacted Diane about a koi pond, and she was wonderful to work with. The tiles are outstanding! They are a true work of art, and her website is a must see!"

Elisa Robles Carlo

Love it, love it, love it! The Lipscomb family came up with this absolutely fabulous solution the an exterior ceramic tile firebox. This is a fine way to take a minimum order of 5+ SF and create a spectacular koi pond ceramic tile design. They added one of my favorite mediums, glass to their lily pond ceramic tiles. Decorative glass accents are perfect with our lily pond tiles, because they create a unique water/bubble effect.

lily pond ceramic tile firebox

"Your handmade tile are creative, vibrant, and adaptable to so many applications. I loved them when I first saw them in a magazine article on interesting art tile and I love them even more in my home. They add great color and interest to my new screen porch! And again, thanks for the grout help."
R. Lipscomb, California

lily pond ceramic tile firebox

NOTE: Always put the decorative glass accents / globs rounded side down and flat side up. Otherwise when you grout they can disappear.

lily pond ceramic tile firebox

Another thing I like about this finished piece is the multi-tone sanded grout effect. It adds depth to the overall ceramic tile pond design and creates a very realistic representation. Great job Rusty and Chuck!

NOTE: Clients ordering loose tiles for mosaic installations, please make certain you order enough pieces. If you don't, you might have to wait months in our work queue to get more pieces.

decorative ceramic tiles

18 square feet with some purples and a purple/blue grout

decorative ceramic tiles

decorative ceramic tiles

“Diane provides such personal service, she truly cares about each project she takes on.  I did my best to communicate my desires, but also trusted her & her artistic creative abilities and I was not disappointed!  My reef bathroom and pond bathroom have caused quite a sensation already and the house isn’t even done!  There is no other tile on the market like Diane's!”
Lisa Black, Skiatook, OK

Other lily pond layouts

If you would like to place an order at that time, click the email me links in the right column. There are instructions, as to what information I need, to get from you, to process your order, and for you to pay.

Most tiles ship the same day as payment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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