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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

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Decorative ceramic tile, custom hand made tile for unlimited possibilities

Tiles with Style was founded in 2000 by artist Diane H. Holycross of Ransomville, New York. Since that time, Diane has been in several magazines and newspapers across the country. While living in Saratoga, Wyoming, Diane was the feature artist in WHLM.

Wyoming Homes and Living Magazine
May/June 2003

Diane H. Holycross, Tiles with Style artist, 2003 on leaf mosaic tile floor

Building Edge Magazine
August 2004

No picture available.

LINKS Magazine
January/February 2005

links magazine 2005 article on tiles with style

The Poughkeepsie Journal
November 2005

tiles with style poughkeepsie journal.com mosaic meorial melds love beauty article

Woman's Day
Kitchen's and Baths

May 2006

Featuring our lily pond design!

New Jersey Shore Life
July 2009

Beach designs.

"The name pretty much says it all. You’ve never seen tiles and murals like these. Unique just isn’t the proper word. They describe themselves as making “quality craftsmanship, elegant designs, and custom colorations,” but you really have to see it to understand what an understatement that is. Murals take on all different shapes and seem to be of a world all their own. Floors are transformed into alligator swamps, walls become forest floors in the fall -- it’s truly amazing."


2012 Small Business Community Association

Reader's Digest — One Wrong Turn
February, 2003

This is the TRUE story of the horseback rescue that I was involved in the Summer of 2002 in the Zirkle Wilderness of Colorado.

A woman and her young daughter were lost in the wilderness of Colorado for 1 week. They ran out of food on day three. Their only means of survival was a wilderness drinking straw for water. They ventured off of a trail; the wrong direction, and their lives were now in the hand of the divine.

I was gone that week from my home in Wyoming. I was in WNY, delivering my Grams memorial service. Upon my return, a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) and friend Aleta Walker, had left me numerous voice mail messages on my phone. "We have to ride, there is a woman and her daughter lost in the wilderness of Colorado!"

She told me that after one week of searching, the Search and Rescue gave up the search. They assumed that Norma Super and her 10 year old daughter Dani were dead. Aleta had a "gut feeling" that they were still alive. When Aleta had these feelings; I followed.

diane h holycross goddess athena incarnate the emmanuel's twin flame and wifeThe next day at noon, I gathered up my horse "Bud," my Palomino Missouri Foxtrotter, and loaded him into my horse trailer. I met Aleta, who loaded her horse into my trailer, and we drove up the Sierra Madre mountains in Encampment Wyoming, to our drop-off point in the mountains. As we were driving  up the mountain, the remaining Search and Rescue people were descending down the mountain.

Upon arrival, we unloaded our horses, and mounted them. I noticed that a car with hiker's were parked where we unload our horses. Logically, I thought, perhaps if we track these two people on foot, they might have spotted the lost mother and daughter on the trail.

About an hour after beginning our search, we stopped for lunch. We had finished our lunch and were talking, when I heard "Ed," who I knew as my "spirit guide" at the time say, "You have to get going. You're going to miss them!" I yelled to Aleta, "They are telling me that we have to go; NOW!" We quickly mounted back up and proceeded down a trail that ended at a high alpine bog.

After a short wait, I spotted what at first I thought was a bear or a moose. It was about 1/2 mile away, at the end of large alpine bog. The shape then split in two; one taller and one shorter beings were spotted. Then that "divine" moment that I oh so love happened; the sun glimmered off of something. We instantly knew it was of the humankind.

They spotted us and began running through the bog. The excitement filled the air for all of us. As Norma got closer; about 30 feet ways, she fell down onto her knees in the bog. The cross that she was wearing around her neck swung forward, catching the sun once again. I said, "That is what saved you; your faith and that cross around your neck."

Norma and Dani Super

Aleta called for assistance on her radio, and we all walked back with horses in tow, to the drop-off point. Bud couldn't handle all the emotions; he's quite sensitive to energies, so we all walked.

I had mentioned to Norma that we were tracking a couple people in hopes they might have spotted her and Dani. She told us that she did run across two men in their 20's. She explained to them that they had been lost in the wilderness for a week. The young men were too busy thinking of themselves and did NOT assist them in walking them back out of the unmarked wilderness trail.

On our way back, Norma and Dani were walking ahead of us, on the tiny footpath that forked. They started walking to the right at the split. Aleta yelled to them to stop, as they were walking back into the wilderness; not out. They would have certainly perished.

Later, the sheriff located the two young men; based on their license plate on their car. They were read the "riot act." One can only hope that they are now "less absorbed" in themselves, and leading a life of service to others; not self.

Upon arrival to the original drop-off point, were were met by a female doctor, who examined and treated Norma and Dani. I offered Norma the opportunity to spend the night at my house with me and my husband Roger. They had such an ordeal and needed some TLC.

This story went global. It was in all the newspapers and all over the national news. Every news agency wanted their "scoop" first. They really knew how to ruin a beautiful experience with the terrible harassment of endless phone calls throughout the night.

Norma had told me that prior to their little excursion that she had been camping at the base of the mountain. There was an old woman; alone that was camping next to her and Dani. She told Norma she'd keep an eye on her return. When they didn't arrive back to the campground, the woman reported it to the forest service.

After being rescued, Norma went back to the campground to thank the woman; she had vanished. Nobody had any idea who she was, or where she came from that day. Angels and Goddesses/Gods, do incarnate and walk among us.

I was told to NEVER tell anyone that "spirit" led us to these people lost in the wilderness. The US Federal Forest Service would fire Aleta.

Why would our government not want us to know that we are "spirit having a physical experience?" and that some people are living as spirit; not through the physical, and can "hear," and "see" spirit? It is because they are keeping it and MUCH more from you.

Read my book on inter-dimensional travel called ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, and find out the answers that you might be seeking yourself!

If you would like to place an order at that time, click the email me links in the right column. There are instructions, as to what information I need, to get from you, to process your order, and for you to pay.

Most tiles ship the same day as payment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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