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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

products: ceramic tile medallions

ceramic tile medallions, mandalas, mandala, ceramic tile mosaics, tile patterns, tile mosaic designs, ceramic tile sundials, circular ceramic tile designs, and more!

If our hand made leaf ceramic tile is a little too wild and you are looking for a more traditional ceramic tile floor, try our custom, handmade ceramic tile medallions / mandalas / mandala. Our medallion / mandala tiles are custom made to your specifications.

This lovely koi / lily pond / lotus pond mosaic tile design incorporates a center space with a heron in flight shaped mosaic tile. The background tiles used help differentiate the two spaces. You'll notice that round tiles were used in the outer space and tile chards were used in the center of this Mandela / medallion tile design.

koi lotus lily pond heron Mandela medallion ceramic tile mosaic design

This ceramic tile medallion / mandala's accent tiles were donated to the Bouverie Preserve of Audubon Canyon Ranch. This preserve is a non-profit nature education center in Glen Ellen, California. The organic, handmade tiles symbolize the creatures, and fauna on the preserve.

Be a conservationist and support our wildlife preserves!

"It was a pleasure working with you, even from such a long distance. I appreciate your quick response to my questions and concerns...I have to say that opening the package of tiles was like opening presents on Christmas morning. Each tile was such a jewel."
Nancy Trbovich

This ceramic tile sea turtle medallion / mandala is absolutely gorgeous and 100% custom as are all of our designs! Tell us your colors and we'll make your sea tile ceramic tile medallion to your specifications...ONLY from Tiles with Style!

Studio layout shown

Same basic design, but different colors!

This tile medallion has a large Terrapin tile turtle and a frog on a log ceramic tile in a bed of lily pad ceramic tiles.

This logo tile medallion was another custom tiled logo order. It was for our armed forces in the UK.

This round heron tile medallion is two feet across and features a 10" tile heron in the center of the ceramic tile heron medallion. The outer perimeter of the medallion has frogs, turtles, dragonflies, leaves, and rock tiles in a rust / blue slate tone.

Studio layout shown

The ceramic tile design below came together nicely for a Ohio resident that wanted specific elements in her ceramic tile circular medallion / mandala.

This ceramic tile leaf medallion was inspired by a quilt pattern. Decorative ceramic tile leaves, dragonflies, frogs, turtles, and butterfly ceramic tiles make up the outer area of this unique decorative ceramic tile mosaic.

The center of this decorative ceramic tile mandela / mandala / medallion / mosaic is a stork / egret - shaped decorative ceramic tiles with a blue moon and sky. The stork / egret tiles stand in a marsh with jumping ceramic tile fish swimming in blue ceramic tile wavy water...lovely!

Our approach to decorative ceramic tiles is captivating. Our ceramic tile design has the appearance of a ceramic tile quilt pattern. Our production processes eliminate the unsightly square lines that are found in manufactured ceramic tiles and other decorative ceramic tile artists designs, breaking up the natural flow of their artistic tile designs...such a shame. Our designs flow into a environmentally friendly ceramic tile creation...futuristic!

This custom handmade floral / flower ceramic tile medallion / mandala was designed for an entry / foyer. The center of the floral tile medallion / mandala has a 6-veined leaf that was specified by the client.

You just need to tell us the elements you want for your custom ceramic tile medallion and we'll create it especially for you. This ceramic tile medallion consists of a few leaf tiles and numerous pinecone tiles in the center medallion tile design and geometric squares and rock tiles in the outer tile medallion design.

We especially like the way the tile installer used a Brown grout for the inner part of the ceramic tile medallion and a Sand grout for the outer area of the tile medallion. This two-color grout technique really pulls the entire ceramic tile medallion design together and creates a nice blend into the manufactured ceramic tile area that encompasses the tile medallion.

Another pinecone and leaf tile mosaic medallion that was created in 2011 is a bit larger in size. This one is 5 feet. It was a bit too large to fit on my workbench, so I had to design it in two pieces.

round ceramic tile medallion with leaf tiles and pinecone tiles

Here is a closer look at the handmade ceramic tiles used in this round, ceramic tile medallion. Notice how each piece of ceramic tile is closely fitted to reduce the grout lines.

round ceramic tile medallion

The picture below shows the stunning detail of the Globe Thistle's vein structure. The veins of these leaf tiles were stained with a dark green, then the remainder of the ceramic tile leaves were airbrushed with hint of green and burgundy. The final coat was a transparent yellow glaze.

airbrushed ceramic tile leaves

I try to never exactly duplicate any design. As you can see from the two pinecone and leaf, round ceramic tile medallions, they do differ slightly. The second design has a soft look and feel, where the first design is a bit more deliverate.

"As soon as I saw your ad in Links magazine showing a portion of a tile medallion that included pine cones, leaves, acorns and such...I knew we just had to have one in our new home in the Virginia mountains. After a few phone conversations and e-mails, you took our rough idea for a 60-inch diameter medallion and turned it into an artistic masterpiece. We received the medallion undamaged after careful shipment over 2000 miles. The finished product is noticed immediately by all our house guests who rave over its uniqueness and artistic beauty. It surpasses our expectations. We will enjoy it for many years. Great job, Tiles With Style."

Paul Jarvis, Basye, Virginia

If you are on a budget and are seeking an inexpensive approach to a ceramic tile medallion, ceramic tile motif, or decorative ceramic tile design, order a few decorative pieces of ceramic tile from us. Then break up some manufactured ceramic tile into small chards and create a spectacular, yet inexpensive design. Fabulous design and masterful ceramic tile installation, Nanci Bonnell of Battle Ground, Washington.

This fleur-de-le / fluerdele ceramic tile medallion / mandala was designed in a paris dress design in mind. This ceramic tile medallion has an aged look that was achieved by using a crackle glaze that was applied in an inconsistent manner.

Below is a coordinating fleur-de-le ceramic tile border that accompanies the ceramic tile fleur-de-le medallion.

The drawing below is the concept drawing that was sent to the client for production approval, prior to starting the ceramic tile medallion and ceramic tile border.

Greg Ruvolo contacted us for a unique sundial tile design for his kitchen floor. Artist Judi Miller-Morris came up with this stunning tile medallion / mandala that coordinates with his slate tile.


"This beautifully, hand-crafted medallion is a welcomed addition to my kitchen floor. It's the center of attention and completes the room!" Greg Ruvolo, Royal Oak, MI

This 32" x 32" tile sun medallion was created as an outdoor patio tile medallion in California. This tiled medallion sun would also be a nice fountain mosaic tile.

This beautiful sunflower tile medallion design was also part of the California sun tile patio design. One of the four sunflower tile medallion were placed in the corner of the patio. Round blue tiles were the common element pulling these two designs together.

But if you prefer our leaf tile, we can create ceramic tile medallions as well. Remember, we are a custom ceramic tile design studio.

"I've done a lot of tile work in my house and was tired of the same-old-same-old ceramic tile designs that I saw in showrooms. Then I found Tiles with Style on the Web! Since Diane creates custom ceramic tiles, she could design anything I could dream up in ceramic tile!" Tamara Kenney, Dayton, Ohio

The ceramic Spanish - style, tile motif / mosaic shown below, was based on a customers existing 3" x 3" ceramic tile. We changed the tile design slightly by incorporating small penny rounds in the background, and modifying the motif to make this foyer entry tile design slightly over three feet square. 

At Tiles with Style, we pride ourselves on creative collaboration with clients, architects, designers, and contractors. We take great care during the design process to assure that your designs are never duplicated so that you can be sure that your decorative ceramic tile artwork is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Each hand made tile is painstakingly crafted using white, red, or marbled low-fire clays, with bits of nature as their theme.

Example tile rendering for a tile medallion showing how the design can be changed by using different color ceramic tile sanded grouts.

Square, round, rectangular, or oval tile medallions can be custom designed for your next ceramic tile medallion project.

Square footage equals size...

2 SF medallion measures 1.6' across
3 SF medallion measures 1.9' across
4 SF medallion measures 2.26' across
5 SF medallion measures 2.5' across
6 SF medallion measures 2.8' across
7 SF medallion measures 3' across

Size equals square footage...

2' medallion is 3.14 SF
3' medallion is 7.07 SF
4' medallion is 12.6 SF
5' medallion is 19.6 SF
6' medallion is 28.3 SF

Remember, everything is 100% custom...size, color, elements, etc. We aim to please!

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