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"It's no longer hip to be square"

products: monochrome, multi-clay tile leaves

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Wanting a monochrome style leaf tile in a solid color? Look no further. We've taken our stoneware ceramic tile leaves in a white, beige, tan, red, and brown clay bases and have applied one color of a transparent ceramic tile glaze to create a monochrome leaf tile effect unlike no other.

Several clays marbled together can make for an even more interesting glaze effect, yet still maintain that monochromatic look.

Tiles with Style, a decorative ceramic tile studio, specializes in custom hand made tile. We are well known for quality craftsmanship, elegant designs, and custom colorations. And yet, we are more than just decorative ceramic tile — our purpose is to create a unique work of art, ornament, and architecture in your ceramic tile border, kitchen backsplash, tile countertops, ceramic floor tiles, fireplace designs, and custom hand made tiles.

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