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If you are looking for a timeless beauty in a natural, yet neutral ceramic tile leaf, check out some of our multi-clay base stoneware ceramic leaf tiles. All of our ceramic leaves are glazed to match the clients specifications. You can have ANY color in the leaf tile veins, any finish, any leaf tile shapes...

Suzanne Griffin of Griffin James Design, Inc.
(tel. 281.788.3910) sent us a couple pieces of her client's granite countertop to create some leaf tiles to be used for a kitchen tile backsplash. Tiny flecks of maroon, and grey veins were added to the leaf tile glazing, just like in the stone countertop samples that she sent to us.


"The tiles arrived safely today! I have one word for them: GORGEOUS!! You matched my granite exactly! I can’t wait for them to be installed (next Monday)." Susan Griffin of Griffin James Design, Inc., 37 Fosters Green, Sugar Land, TX 77479 281.788.3910

The picture below shows manufactured tile pieces with  tan-based ceramic tile leaves. Most people opt for a white-based leaf tile, but, depending on their granite or field tile, it is nicer to use a different clay base for a monochrome leaf tile. This creates a subtle transition between the field tiles and the leaf tiles.

You can have any color, not just the brown shown on our stone - like ceramic tiles leaves — cat not included!

These ceramic tile leaves have a satin/matt finish and look great with any stone field tile or stone countertops. The leaf tiles have a nice organic / neutral appearance and are made using an off-white clay base, cream clay base, tan-speckled clay base, and a blend of all three clay bases...fully vitrified to last for generations to come.

Remember, you can have the veins in nearly ANY color and you can have a matt, satin, or gloss finish!

"Diane, you must have the happiest customers — my stoneware leaf tiles are just beautiful! Many thanks."
A Fleischer, Biddeford, Maine

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