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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX


Order decorative ceramic tiles — hand made tile and create a beautiful oasis in your home today!


Please double-check your manufactured tile thickness prior to ordering our 1/4" thick tiles. MANY porcelain tile manufacturer's that make tiles DO NOT accurately represent their tile thickness. I have fallen for this myself!

ORDER A SAMPLE from online manufacturers prior to placing your orders.

Many indicate that their tiles are 1/4" thick, but in reality they are only 3/16" thick. Even though they are porcelain, they are a wall tile; not a floor tile. Floor tiles start at 1/4" thick and can be as thick as 1/2" thickness.

Don't make this mistake, we do have a $25 re-stocking charge and you will have to pay for return shipping...sorry!

Please note that because we need to MAKE these beauties from a block of clay, we occasionally need to put a hold on all custom- and full-mosaic orders.

I'm not creating and shipping small, loose tiles for creating mosaics, UNLESS they meet my $500 minimum order requirement which is under the email me for mosaics in the right column of this website. I am also not starting any of these projects until Fall 2017; I'm booked solid.

When you are ready to order LOOSE TILES, click the appropriate link in the RIGHT column.



How to get EXACTLY what you want...

Example 1

My client Kathy liked our "Down the Drain" design, but not care for the alligator in the design, or the color orange for the koi ceramic tiles. So that left turtle tiles, koi tiles, and lily pond ceramic tiles...very simplistic.

"Down the Drain"

Kathy had specific colors in mind as well, so she sent paint swatches, wallpaper, and pieces of stone tiles.

Note: This is our preferred method. Please, do not ask for color samples. We need YOU to provide color samples.

Based on what Kathy indicated, I came up with this overall shower floor design...turtle tiles, koi tiles, rock tiles, lily pad tiles, and a couple of frog tiles.

Based on her colors, I felt a rock tile perimeter was appropriate to coordinate with her woven tan wallpaper. It helps frame the shower floor tiles, keeping your eye focused on the tiled pond itself. The turtle tiles exactly reflect the Asian green color in her stone tile swatch.

Our client didn't give me a lot of design direction for this unique ceramic tile design. I actually prefer working this way. It allows me to grow as and artist, by permitting me the flexibility to create new design ideas. In this pond, I crossed a couple of koi tiles, have a frog leaping onto a lily pad ceramic tile, and created several new custom glaze colors by double-glazing techniques.

By being allowed creativity, without too much specific data, I feel I created one of my finest lily pond ceramic tile, mosaic designs...thanks Kathy!

Aloha from Hawaii! This is the finished koi pond / turtle pond ceramic tile mosaic that is discussed above. It's always amazing to see the finished installations. The mosaic tile designs really come alive once grouted. Look at the colors pop with the turquoise grout. WOW!

NOTE: If you have a shower, please indicate where the center of the drain is located off each wall.

I recommended that Kathy use a blue grout that is similar to the tiles. Using a "like" color grout makes the water meld together and forces the other tiles to become the focus of the lily pond, while creating depth in the process.

You can have ANY color grout by adding a color pigment to a white or gray-based sanded grout. So don't fret if your local home improvement store or installer can't get a blue, sanded grout. Just go to www.directcolors.com. You can purchase an additive there to use with white and gray SANDED grouts. Specifically see their Concrete Pigment page.

NOTE: If you want a lighter shade of blue, just don't add as much dye to the mix.

This was Kathy's first impression of the finished ceramic tile lily pond photograph:

"All I can say is WOW! It is a truly incredible piece of art that I cannot wait to see installed. You have done a great job matching my color palate and making a beautiful, whimsical, truly unique ceramic tile floor. I am thrilled beyond words. I keep looking at the photos and every time I am blown away."  K. Kimball, San Francisco, CA

Remember to include a telephone number and your MAILING address for the work order. We ship USPS Flat Rate.

Example 2

Bill sent a paper template to us. He needed the overall design to fit around his fireplace. He also included drawings of three custom tile elements, and a list of koi species, one for each fish in his own koi pond.

The special elements can be seen in the center of the lily pond fireplace and the other two in the white diamonds on either side of the ceramic tile ying / yang lily pond on the ceramic tile hearth.

Bill preferred pink flowers and some white / blue lotus flower tiles. I'm guessing that's what is in his own pond outside. He preferred the cobalt blue waters and a couple  frog tiles, along with a few fall, tile leaves.

"I am more than pleased with my ceramic tile lily ponds!  It is truly a unique one of a kind work of art.  The mason/tile master who put in the tiles kept commenting on your attention to detail.  He has your business card and I am convinced that in this area of Southern Pines and Pinehurst you will get more business." W. Banker

This client also sent a paper template along with his field tile and granite countertop material.

shaped ceramic tile koi pond template

payment  policy

I will not start ANY order until payment is received for the tile and shipping. I will notify you when I am ready to start your order and will ask for payment at that time.

Large orders over $4,000 have a contract. 50% down and 50% at finish, prior to shipping.

I DO NOT accept orders paid over time. Don't ask!

Also, if I ship your order freight, it is COD. I have people that won't pay their shipping fees on large orders. I only make about $4 per hour after expenses and can't afford to pay your shipping costs, sorry!

At the time your order is ready to ship, I can send you a photograph of your order. So you can see it prior to shipment.

Official PayPal SealWe prefer a check, but you can pay using your credit card through PayPal!


To place an order, follow the steps below:


Send us a detailed email, consisting of type of tiles, sizes, and colors, just as our clients above did.

To calculate your square footage see our Calculate SF link in ANY left hand column. It's easy. Just multiply the height x the width and divide that number by 144 (the number of inches in one square foot.) That number will give you your square footage. Then you can multiply that number by the square foot cost under the Pricing link.

If you need help, PLEASE feel free to call the studio at 423.259.8624 with the details of your order. We always like hearing from you!

NOTE: If you are ordering loose tile, ALWAYS order 10% OVERAGE, just as you would manufactured tiles. Also, I highly recommend you lay out all your pieces in the space PRIOR to attaching them to your floors/walls, etc.

These are a couple of examples:

  • Leaves are all different shaped and can be placed in a  variety of designs, purchase extra if you are designing your own spaces.
  • If you are ordering lily ponds and tropical orders, always order 10% more rounds for the installation. They are your filler pieces and can be laid out in a variety of ways.

ALWAYS use the larger round tiles FIRST, you might run out of the tiny tiles if you do not plan ahead on each piece laid.

It is not easy to lay out loose tiles. I HIGHLY recommend that you pay the $10 more per square foot for film mounted tiles. I have laid out 100's of these designs and I can tell you from years of experience that tile mosaics are very time intensive.

See Design Process for details.

  • We ship most orders USPS 3-Day Mail unless otherwise instructed. Or it is a med. to large mesh mounted order. They go UPS Freight.

If you would like to be placed in our work queue, please sent us an email by clicking the appropriate link in the YELLOW column to the right.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We want our tile to be top quality and the processes cannot be rushed!

"I received the tile yesterday, and oh, they were so worth the wait!! Thank you so very much to you and your crew for doing such a great job, and thanks for the cute little gecko…it was a nice touch." Wendy Honaker, New Castle, Delaware


We prefer to be paid by check, but we are...

Official PayPal Seal See our Payment link for details...

Our products and raw materials are 100% made in the USA!

Click here for pricing info
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If you would like to place an order at that time, click the email me links in the right column. There are instructions, as to what information I need, to get from you, to process your order, and for you to pay.

Most tiles ship the same day as payment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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I prefer that you  email me for IN-STOCK items links:

If you do not hear back from me by the end of the day; PLEASE CALL. We are trying to reply back promptly.


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