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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

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Decorative, mosaic / shaped ceramic tile; hand made tiles for  unlimited possibilities

I am no longer shipping any loose tiles EXCEPT those found in the right column under the "email me for..." links.

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Types of filler tiles explained

Price List

Cost analysis/comparison

Important factors when purchasing handmade ceramic tile

Purchase overage for loose tile




Because each ceramic tile is handmade from a block of clay; not molded, and hand-glazed, the price for ceramic tiles vary by the type, size, and time to produce. You can purchase some of my tiles separately, or have me design your ceramic tile borders, kitchen backsplash, ceramic tile countertops, ceramic floor tiles, fireplace designs, or any other custom hand made tile design.

The majority of our clients purchase our tiles film mounted for a quick and cost-effective, professional installation, every time!

Because I'm trying to work a 5 day work-week prior to retirement, I might or might not take your mosaic order. There are only so many hours in a day. :(

You are buying directly from Diane @ Tiles with Style.  I  DO NOT sell my art in stores. That means you are SAVING money AND receiving the best quality, fully vitrified, decorative ceramic tiles, at probably the lowest price on the Web or in tile stores.

types of filler tiles explained

Pricing for mosaics varies depending on the type of filler tiles used. The pictures below provide examples of such filler pieces.

These are round fillers:

lily pad ceramic tiles

These are wavy fillers:

weeping tree branch shaped mosaic ceramic tile design idea

These are tile chards:

ceramic tile tropical island tiki bar top shaped tiles

These are a mix of wavy and round:

waterfall trout stream decorative handmade custom ceramic tile shower tiles

2016 Price List: (Alphabetical listing)

  • Acorns — $225 per  square foot (SF) (96 acorns), approximately 1".

  • Bass — See email me for bass in the right column.

  • Beach mosaic tile designs:
    $175 per SF with wavy fillers.
    $165 per SF
    for a mix of wavy and round fillers.
    $150 PSF
    for round or tile chard fillers.

  • Birds mosaic tile designs:
    $225 per SF with wavy fillers.
    $185 per SF
    for a mix of wavy and round fillers.
    $165 per SF
    for leaf, round or tile chard fillers.

  • Flower mosaic tile designs:
    $225 per SF with wavy fillers.
    $185 per SF
    for a mix of wavy and round fillers.
    $165 PSF
    for leaf, round, or tile chard fillers.

  • Frogs and Tree Frogs — are ONLY available in mosaic designs. I do NOT ship frogs in units or individually. I have to make 5 or 6 frogs just to get one that doesn't break...we lose money on them!!!

  • Heron mosaic tile designs:
    $175 per SF with wavy fillers.
    $165 per SF
    for a mix of wavy and round fillers.
    $150 PSF
    for round or tile chard fillers.

  • Koi (loose) — See email me for koi in the right column.

  • Leaf ceramic tiles 1" - 1 1/2" in length
    $195 per SF
    for film-mounted or loose tiles.

  • Leaf ceramic tiles 1 1/2"+ - 3" in length
    $165 per SF 
    for film-mounted or loose tiles.

  • Leaf ceramic tiles 3"-6" in length
    $135 per SF
    for film-mounted or loose tiles.
    Larger leaves mean more grout space.

    NOTE: The number of leaves per square foot vary depending on the type of leaves.

  • Lily/koi/lotus pond mosaic tile designs:
    $175 per SF with wavy fillers.
    $165 per SF
    for a mix of wavy and round fillers.
    $150 PSF
    for round or tile chard fillers.

  • Lily pads (loose) — see the email me for leaf and lily pad tiles in the right column.

  • Lotus/lily flowers (loose): only available in full mosaics.

  • Marsh Marigolds — loose: no longer available except in a full mosaic.

  • Handmade Rocks $115 per loose square foot (SF)

  • Land Turtle mosaic tile designs:
    $175 per SF with wavy fillers.
    $165 per SF
    for a mix of wavy and round fillers.
    $150 PSF
    for round or tile chard fillers.

  • Land Turtles (loose)

    If you would like a "double" land turtle (top-view), we can also overlap two together.

    (picture coming soon.) Cost is based on two turtles. For example, a 6" and 9" turtle combined is $25 + $55 = $80.
    4 1/2" land turtle $20
    6" land turtle $30
    9" land turtle $55
    12" land turtle $85
    16" land turtle $145

  • Round shaped ceramic tiles — see the Round link for cost per size/SF. You must purchase a FULL SF.

  • Salmon Streams mosaic tile designs:
    $175 per SF
    with wavy fillers.
    $165 per SF
    for a mix of wavy and round fillers.
    $150 PSF
    for round or tile chard fillers.

  • Salmon (loose) — see the email me for salmon link in the right column.

    Profile Salmon — coming soon.

    8" salmon tile $24
    10" salmon tile $30
    12" salmon tile $36
    16" salmon tile $48
  • Sea Turtle mosaic tile designs (top or profile view) with NO tropical fish, just a few top-view fish, coral, rocks, etc.:
    $175 per SF with wavy fillers.
    $165 per SF
    for a mix of wavy and round fillers.
    $150 PSF
    for round or tile chard fillers.

  • Sea Turtles (loose)
    11" sea turtle $125
    16" sea turtle $145
    18" sea turtle $165

  • Sunrise/sunset mosaic tile designs:
    $175 per SF with wavy fillers.
    $165 per SF
    for a mix of wavy and round fillers.
    $150 PSF
    for round or tile chard fillers.

  • Tree of Life mosaic tile designs:
    $225 per SF with wavy fillers.
    $185 per SF
    for a mix of wavy and round fillers.
    $165 PSF
    for round or tile chard fillers.

  • Tropical ceramic tiles — $225 per SF for film-mounted tiles.

    $225 per SF with wavy fillers.
    $185 per SF
    for a mix of wavy and round fillers.
    $165 PSF
    for round or tile chard fillers.

    Sorry, no loose tropical tiles are available. They are ONLY available in full mosaics.

    sand dollar, shell, starfish sliced pebble rock floor design idea

  • Trout Streams mosaic tile designs:

    $175 per SF with wavy fillers.
    $165 per SF
    for a mix of wavy and round fillers.
    $150 PSF
    for round or tile chard fillers.

  • Trout (loose) — dorsal (top) view. Please see the tiles in the right column.

  • Wavy water$225 per square foot — 1/4" wide loose.
    trout and leaf stream, mosaic ceramic tile design idea

  • Wavy water$185 per square foot — 1/2" wide loose.

If you are confused by pricing, or are wanting another item not shown, please feel free to contact Diane @ 423.259.8624

Important factors when purchasing handmade tiles

When you are purchasing handmade ceramic tiles, there are a couple of important factors to remember:

  • the cost per piece / cost per square foot

  • where are you planning on installing the tiles

cost per piece / square foot

In this scenario, you require 10 tiles for a backsplash. The tiles measure 4"x4". The cost per tile is $25. You're thinking, what a great deal right?

Actually the time put into making handmade decorative tiles is extensive, so $25 is cheap. However, when you calculate how many 4"x4" tiles are in 1 SF of tile, it's another story all together...

There are 9, 4x4" tiles per square foot. If you multiply $25 x 9, your total charge per square foot is $225. The total for 10 tiles would be $250.


installation location

Depending on the location of your installation, it's extremely important to purchase the correct type of handmade ceramic tile. They are NOT all alike!

If you are doing a shower, pool, fountain, or outside installation where tiles get wet, the tiles MUST be FULLY VITRIFIED.

A tile that is "vitrified" is considered "glass-like. It has been processed in such a way that it has extremely low porosity and water absorption. This means it stain resistant and very strong. By having extremely low porosity, this makes tiles "frost-free."

At Tiles with Style, we use mid-fire porcelain/earthenware clay-bases. These clays must be fired to a specific temperature to be vitrified. We fire to a slightly higher temp, to assure all of our decorative ceramic tiles are fully vitrified.

Vitrified tiles have better mechanical strength. They can be used in a variety of temperatures, are scratch resistant, resistant to acid, alkali, and chemicals, and resistant to staining. Stones, such as marble or natural granite, terrazzo, etc. can stain, scratch, and chip.

NOTE: If you aren't sure if a tile you like is vitrified, tap it. It should have a higher pitch sound than one that is not. You can also tell by turning the tile over and scratching the back with a metal device. A vitrified tile will not scratch.

Most store-bought wall tiles, Mexican terracotta tiles, and decorative tiles are NOT vitrified. Tiles that are not vitrified can absorb water over time and possibly breakdown. I have seen this several times from clients. They purchase hand painted square tiles with scenes, install them in fountains, showers, etc. and after a few years the tiles begin to flake and fall apart...heartbreaking!

purchase overage

NOTE: IF YOU ARE PURCHASING LOOSE TILES, always order 10% overage on round or wavy water tiles, just as you would any manufactured tile, to assure you have the correct quantity for your installations. You will run out if you do not order overage.

WHY? Each piece can be installed ANYWHERE in a mosaic. That means you might not have the right size(s) to finish. We even run out and always make some overage.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend that you lay out your mosaics first and then film mount the tiles before trying to install them in your targeted area.

Email or call for completion timeframes. Normal residential orders are 4-8 weeks, depending on the size of the mosaic tile order(s). Loose fish, lily pads, etc. are about 1-2 weeks.

how will my order be shipped?

  • Wrapped with bubble wrapped/foam sheets

  • Film wrapped

  • Peanuts

  • USPS Priority Mail (3-day).

    You pay the shipping charges, not me. I have a very low profit margin after expenses.

payment info

  • A 50% deposit is required on all mosaic tile design orders at the time the order is placed. There are no refunds if you change your mind. The balance is due upon shipment.

  • Loose trout/koi/lily pad orders are 100% at the time of the order is placed. They will not be shipped until paid in full.

  • Check, PayPal, credit cards, or money orders are accepted. You can leave your credit card info on our secure voicemail system at 423.259.8624.

  • NO payments are accepted over time — NO exceptions.


Before ordering, please look at the pictures on multiple computers; colors vary from monitor to monitor and hand-held device to hand-held device.

We do not take returns on any mosaic orders All work is custom and sales final.

Loose fish tile returns are accepted, but you pay the return shipping and future shipping for replacements. There is a $5 re-stocking fee if you change your mind.

If any tiles are damaged during shipment, don't hesitate to contact us for replacement pieces. You MUST take pictures of the box, wrapping materials, and broken tiles so I can file an insurance claim. If you do not do this, I will not send replacements.

If something unique, like a mermaid, coral, etc breaks, I'll need a pencil/crayon rubbing of the edges of the tile to replicate it as close as possible.

With proper installation, your tiles should last for generations.

You can clean our tiles with any household cleaning sprays or liquids.

If a tile should become chipped by gouging the surface (a rock stuck in the sole of a shoe or dropping a heavy object on the surface), you can mix acrylic hobby paint, apply it to the tile with a small brush, let it dry, and dab a top coat of clear nail polish to hide the defect.

drawings of designs

If you are wanting a drawing of your finished design, there is a $200 up-charge that is paid prior to starting the tiles. I like to "work on the fly." My designs look much nicer when I have the freedom to be creative and not work "in a box."

installation info

Always use a professional installer with experience laying ceramic tiles. If you purchase our film-mounted tiles, any professional installer can install the tiles. You can probably do-it-yourself! Ask for references when selecting a professional installer.

If you would like to place an order at that time, click the email me links in the right column. There are instructions, as to what information I need, to get from you, to process your order, and for you to pay.

Most tiles ship the same day as payment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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I prefer that you  email me for IN-STOCK items links:

If you do not hear back from me by the end of the day; PLEASE CALL. We are trying to reply back promptly.


Bass & Walleye

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Sea Bass





NEW! Crab

Dog paws

Leaf & Lily Pads

Lily/Lotus Flowers





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