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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

product: ceramic tile river / stream / creek  floor

Decorative ceramic stream tile, salmon spawning creek design, salmon stream tiles, trout stream tiles, river bottom ceramic tiles, river ceramic tiles, handmade creek and stream tile designs for a custom ceramic tile creek floors, ceramic tile aquatic backsplash, and more!

All handmade ceramic tiles are made in the usa

salmon tile creek / stream

This salmon spawning creek ceramic tile design comes complete with ceramic tile salmon or ceramic tile trout, tile turtles, ceramic tile rocks, ceramic tile leaves / leaf tiles, ceramic tile twigs / branches, and round ceramic tile water tiles, and wavy water ceramic tiles.

The two pictures below show a sockeye salmon stream /creek tile bathroom floor. The ceramic tile sockeye salmon stream starts at the bathroom door and makes a turn to the left and runs in front of a bath/shower.

sockeye salmon ceramic tile floor, tile sockeye salmon

The tile installer did a beautiful job cutting in the handmade ceramic tile rocks to the square manufactured tiles. Because of the unique shape of our decorative/functional handmade ceramic tiles, they make our mosaic tile floors no-slip. Large square of rectangular tiles can be slippery because of the large mass associated with the ceramic tiles.

sockeye salmon ceramic tile bathroom floor, tile sockeye salmon

ungrouted sockeye salmon ceramic tile floor

The pictures below are of the artist/owner, Diane H. Holycross of Tiles with Style's bathroom / laundry ceramic tile floor. Originally these were two rooms. First the bathroom (in the lower portion of this picture) was tiled to a wall. Later the wall was removed to enlarge the bathroom into a bath/laundry room where the large alligator ceramic tile floats amidst a group of lily pads ceramic tiles.

alligator ceramic tile floor, swamp ceramic tile floor, salmon ceramic tiles

The ceramic tile rocks were hand painted to match the square manufactured ceramic tiles that can be seen in the upper right of the ceramic tile picture shown below. The outer perimeter of the stream has large, striking ceramic tile leaves that are cut into manufactured tiles for a smooth transition into the ceramic tile salmon spawning tile design. Tiny ceramic tile twigs / branches are also used.

apsen leaf ceramic tiles, oak leaf ceramic tiles

You have the option to modify this ceramic tile spawning creek design by having different types of ceramic tile fish, ceramic tile leaves, and other organic ceramic tiles.

The addition of tiny stones make for a truly realistic ceramic tile shoreline to this salmon spauning / spawning ceramic tile design. The tiny stones were pressed into the wet ceramic tile grout at the end of the grout leveling process and the blue ceramic tile sanded grout was blended into the brown ceramic tile sanded grout shoreline for a smooth transition.

ceramic tile leaves

Install time: 1 1/2 days.

See our Salmon link for close up pictures of dorsal view salmon and profile salmon ceramic tiles! Also visit our stone floor ideas link in the left column for great ceramic tile design ideas.

how to create a spawning effect on a budget

The easiest way to create a spawning effect on a tight budget would be to order some of my loose salmon shaped fish tiles. By ordering some of them as 2-parts, they can be pushed into a 1-part fish, creating the effect of one fish swimming under another.

salmon fish tiles for sliced pebble rock floors

I purposely downplayed the red tones of salmon as they are found in nature. I prefer a more rust/cream head and burgundy/pink body. This makes them perfect for a multitude of different sliced pebble, micro-pebble, polished pebble, and other rock shaped tiles. The picture below is an example of a "wine sliced pebble tile." It also mutes them so they are not so vivid; making them perfect for nearly any decor'.

salmon fish tiles for gold sliced pebble rock floorssalmon fish mosaic shaped tiles for wine sliced pebble rock floors salmon shaped mosaic ceramic tile fish for wine sliced pebble rock floors

By selecting a lighter "gold-tone" sliced pebble tile (left), the salmon fish tiles will be significantly more visible than if they were inserted in a burgundy-tone stone tile (center.) The burgundy or wine tone sliced pebbles being a "like" color, create a more subtle effect.

The wine sliced pebble tiles on the right would be my color choice. The gold, gray, and wine colors of the stones contain all the colors that are in my salmon mosaic tiles. They won't over-power the fish shaped tiles, but beautifully enhance them.

Another salmon spawning ceramic tile design by Tiles with Style. This is an ungrouted ceramic tile salmon design that is targeted for a kitchen tile backsplash. The white mountain in the upper left corner is Mt. Rainer, and is not yet glazed.

salmon kitchen backsplash

If you would like to place an order at that time, click the email me links in the right column. There are instructions, as to what information I need, to get from you, to process your order, and for you to pay.

Most tiles ship the same day as payment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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