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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

tobacco barn renovation / barn restoration

Beautiful East Tennessee has a lot of great deals on old farms. Check out our tobacco barn renovation at the Tiles with Style, handmade ceramic tile art studio.

This is the story of my East Tennessee farm / barn renovation.

360 leatherwood hollow road new tazewell tennessee 2015

Old East Tennessee Farm @ 360 Leatherwood Hollow Rd., New Tazewell, prior to renovation

In the Spring of 2017, after the completion of the mobile home and workshop renovation into the Tiles with Style showroom and studio, I started renovating a 100+ year old barn. I've always adored old barns and enjoy "scooting" around with my significant-other Chris, looking at all the unique East Tennessee tobacco and hay barns; many of which are falling down from decay.

Originally, our barn belonged to a much larger property, but was sub-divided into 3 smaller parcels, which we recently consolidated back into one; about 5 acres. Our barn was constructed around the turn of the 20th century as a hay barn. In the East Tennessee tobacco boom / era, the property was changed into a tobacco farm, and the barn was modified.

old tobacco barn wood rot

Tobacco barn wood rot and damage

After the fall of tobacco farms, from the government buy-outs, many smaller farms fell into ruin. It's sad, everywhere you look, you see old tobacco barns and farm houses literally falling down.

I have always wanted a small farm in Tennessee with a tobacco barn and a mobile home to renovate. I was hoping for a small renovation, but when you aren't specific with the universe, you often get what you are given; for which I AM grateful.

Looking down from the back of my property line, you can see a group of white pine trees. The studio and showroom are concealed these trees. Between the Tiles with Style, Tennessee showroom / studio complex and the large, 35' x 40' barn,x is an old empty pond.

To the right of the barn, is a good-size shed; about 20' x 30'. The floor wasn't constructed properly and was severely sagging and rotting. I didn't really need the shed for storage, because there is sufficient room in the barn. I had the contractor re-purpose most of the studs, the roof framework and steel, and exterior pine siding of the shed into the barn renovation.

First, all of the King (vertical) support posts had to be jacked up; one by one, rocks beneath the old posts removed, and concrete footer's poured. Then new posts were installed about 1/2 way up the barn and re-connected to the old round pine posts. Luckily the two rows of center King posts were not rotted and were salvageable. The problem with most barns decay is from leaky roofs. The water runs down the steel to the outside walls, then down the supports and walls.

After the structure was once again stable, the two, lower, outside lofts were installed with rough-cut lumber from one of the many local timber mills.

old tobacco hay barn loft wetbar lounge

Right side loft wet bar/lounge, opposite to the exercise area, and exit to the new cantilever deck

tobacco hay barn loft exercise workout room

Exercise room opposite the wet bar/lounge

tobacco hay barn loft workbench

Left-side storage loft and Diane's tiny woodworking bench.

Connecting the two lofts is a 3' wide catwalk with some of the old tobacco barn drying bars for the handrails. It's definitely beefy with the three 2x12 floor joists. The decking of the catwalk used some of the old interior walls of the original barn, as were the upper 1/2 walls that hide the "mess" in the storage are and behind the wetbar.

tobacco barn renovation tennessee

The catwalk aligns with the small, 6'x20' cantilever deck that overlooks the spiral garden that is planted in the dry pond.

tobacco hay barn canitlever deck renovation reno

East-facing, cantilever deck off of an old tobacco / hay barn loft in East Tennessee,
Tiles with Style Studio/Showroom complex

sunken pond meditation spiral garden tennessee

Wildflower mix from around the pond and at the road really says, "cottage country."
These are available from Wildseed Farms in Texas.

Some of the old farm fence posts were still in the barn when I purchased the farm. The bottoms had a bit of rot, so I had our contractor Jack cut them and use them for the railings on the cantilever deck. There are two lower decks as well. The higher of the two was the old back deck on the mobile home and the lower one was a ramp that I had build originally for the showroom. The enclosure beneath them was re-purposed interior wall and loft decking materials cut to fit.

tobacco barn cantilever deck renovation

The lower-central level of the barn had a concrete slab poured for safety. Chris is working on his 87' T-bird and occasionally needs to jack it up. It now parks 3 vehicles, my tractor "Blue Bell," and garden tractor (left). It also provides me a garden shed space.

tennessee tobacco hay barn restoration

New cement floor in old tobacco barn

I wasn't expecting the added bonus of cooling the barn by having a cement floor. It drops the temperature in the barn by about 10 degrees with the decrease in night-time temperature absorption. It always has a nice breeze blowing through it as well and has become a major hang-out spot for both Chris and me.

The horses are especially enjoying their new barn space and pasture, which they greatly needed. The horse water tank stays nice and clean now. I had a cut-out made in the rails for them to get their heads through and keep their butts out! We even have a place for our two scooters.

tennessee tobacco hay barn restoration

Here are my 20 year old Missouri Foxtrotters coming in to see what I'm up to in the barn; No Mas Tequilla is a Palomino; alias "Bud," Budster," and "Butter Bean." Bud was my Mounted Patrol Horse in Wyoming and is such a lover. To the right is Shadow Blue Scarlet or Scarlet for short. Scarlet is a single-foot and has the smoothest ride. Both horses are now "retired."

Missouri Fox Trotters tobacco barn tennessee

Here they are having a nice time grazing.

Here they are behind the Tiles with Style showroom / studio complex. They are both easy-keepers.

This is the north side of the barn where Bud and Scarlet enter their stall; the right, un-gated part. Oddly, the barn once had a smaller shed room off this side. When they were digging the center two post, would you believe they exactly hit the site of the two old post holes? I can, synchronicity happens all the time with me. Synchronicity happens when you are carefully following your "soul-path" or "divine purpose." There is nothing that an incarnate spirit loves as much as synchronicity.

I only had to purchase the cedar for the main supports. The roof structure and steel roof was from the old storage shed. The gates don't just keep the horses out, but allow access to drive through the barn; front to back, and for me to get Blue Bell into her stall.

restored tobacco hay barn

So what is the next project at the farm? Well, it's a greenhouse, but not the traditional type. The barn once had a center loft that spanned the entire length of the barn. You can still see the old notches in the center king-posts in the barn. Either this fall or next spring a 1/2 center loft will be installed in the front of the barn that faces south; right at the top of the steps. We'll continue the stairs up about 5 steps to walk straight up into the greenhouse.

The wood face of the barn will be replaced with a greenhouse walled plastic material and have french doors opening to another, shallow cantilever deck that will span the entire length of the barn. We'll probably put a couple larger windows at the ends of both side decks too.

I'm planning to create a "teaching" farm. I'd like to teach people how to grow herbs and grow vegetables, vertically in small spaces, along with "companion planting." That way there is no need for pesticides. Most of the problems with rot and bugs comes from plants proximity to the ground; elevation is the key, and planting herbs that work as bug and animal repellants.

restored tobacco hay barn

So what treasures did I find while renovating the barn? The previous owns hid some bricks beneath a small floor and concrete blocks under another area where Chris's workshop is now located. I used the blocks to build 2 meditation benches with some 4x4 cedar posts. This is the site of the old shed. I like turning old into something new and beautiful again. There is another one in the bottom of my spiral pond garden that is dedicated to Father/Mother and several divine feminine ascended masters. Pictures coming soon!

This is a traditional herb/perennial garden that is design in matching quadrants.

cinderblock cinder cedar meditation bench

I was a bit concerned about planting Rose Moss / Portulaca in these re-purposed cement blocks. I thought they might get "cooked" in the Tennessee summer sun/heat, but they are thriving. I can't wait to see them when they cascade fully over the sides of the block.

repurposed cinder block bench

That's one of my Dad's Buddha's that I had bought for him prior to his passing. The bench is dedicated to Lord Father/Mother and the four main archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. Prior to meditation, I say an invocation to Lord Father and the archangels. There are crystals beneath the bench in honor of their presence in my life. Michael has lapis and amethyst (left), Gabriel has white opal (right), Raphael gets Malachite and Emerald (behind), and Uriel has Red Jasper and Carnelian (front.)

The angels WILL NOT assist you unless you ASK for their assistance; it's part of the cosmic law of interference. This is a free-will planet and they are not allowed to interfere; unless asked. So ASK! They are truly wonderful and will communicate with you in the best way for you.

Next time you are in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, please feel free to contact us for a showing of the Tiles with Style studio, showroom, and farm. We'd love to show it to you, and sell you some tiles too!

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Tiles with Style

360 Leatherwood Hollow Road,

New Tazewell,

Tennessee 37825

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